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Posted 7/21/11 , edited 7/25/11
guard- is the big brother of the black mesa employees. they make sure no won get out of hand.

Weapons capable of using- hand gun, .357 Magnum, and Assault Shotgun

special ability- only class that can add modification to its weapons (maximum of 2!!!!)

scientist- the brain act that has a Harverd degree in theoretical physics!!!

Weapons capable of useing- custom or crossbow

special ability- only one able to make a custom weapon (to those playing as one think something like an energy weapon ect something SCIENCY!!!

marine- the well trained Ba that shoots first and never asks questions.

weapons capable of using- flame thrower, sniper rifle, MP-5 (machine gun)

special ability- only one able to use explosives(grenade(all types), tripe mine, Satchel Charge, and if choosen only explosive in your inventory RPG (Laser-Guided Rocket Launcher)

Spy- the wierdo in the corner is up to something

weapons capable of using- LA-9/P pulse pistol, silenced suit case gun(machine gun), dart gun.

special ability: like the scientists are able to make a custom main weapon. the spy can make a custom special item.

spell slinger- the magical front line infantry of the Vortigaunt

weapon able to use- The Hive-hand (alien machine gun)

spell that are usable- lightning, fire ball, and telekinesis

special ability- only class able to us spells

Entomologist- the Vortigaunt brought some pets!!!!

weapon able to use- The Hive-hand (alien machine gun)

animals able to use- snark, head crabs, Bullsquid, Charger, Mr. Friendly , Archer, Panther Eye, Kingpin

special ability- only one able to bring in and use animals for attack (maximum of 2!!!!!!)

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