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Posted 7/21/11 , edited 7/22/11
Here is where you get major changes on your character.(If you want)
Like, if you suddenly decided you wanted to change the name, the look, or even the charas from your character, go here.
All credit goes to Shugo Chara Academy(look on front page).

Steps(so we understand what you did):
1. Go to the make your character forum.
2. Find the place where you originally posted and copy all info about your character.
3. Come here and paste the original post.
4. Paste it again and make changes to that post.
5. Wait for approval.


Username: ew82076
Name: Em
Gender: female
Age: 14
Charas: Birdie (born from the wish to be herself again. however, she doesn't know what that is.)
Chara nai: still trying to draw it
Bio: likes to sing, no one knows where she lives, wants to make everyone happy

Username: ew82076
Name: Em
Gender: female
Age: 13
Charas: Shun(her dream to fight for the ones she loves) Setsuko (her dream to sing for the ones she loves)
Chara nai: Eternal action- Shun, Eternal Melody- Setsuko, and Eternal Happiness- combination(which you'll probably never see)
Bio: Due to personal reasons, Em started acting tough and showing off, but she thinks she is weak. Once she thought up a situation and started wondering what her image would do, and she thought she was playing a part and wondered who she really was. Then Shun and Setsuko were born.

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