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Posted 1/16/08 , edited 1/16/08
Ôdishon better know as Audition was my first taste Takashi Miike.
The first time I ever saw this film I had never seen the cover..(I watched it late at night on TV).
Therefore I had no idea what so ever what ride I was in for...for the beginning is rather slow and well, in a sense, quite boring. Sure, fair enough, it unreels a plot, so the audience get to know the characters a bit, which I particularly thought was well done. I guess it creates a dramatic Finalle/Climax for the once you get up to the ending scenes you start to getting confused as you start experiencing twists and turns. (Audition - Movie - Part 3 (Final))
The Cover of the film is a spoiler: (I don't care, thats unforgivable)

Overall this is powerful film, Im not sure if it has any moral to it. But as an aspect of modern horror, its terrifying (especially for men). The whole plot is original, which has made me favour the Jhorror by Miike in general.
So I would give this film'*****' (Im pretty generous.)
why 5?..Mainly because the ending is rather worth waiting for, its certainly a memorable one, and one that we could quote several times... Kitty.
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