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Posted 7/22/11 , edited 5/24/13
D.E.A.D is a military defense mechanism to potentially stop and neutralize the R.O.T. Terrorist Group. It's soul purpose is to keep those of the main city; Decay, safe. A large defensive line has been set up all along the Central Vertice of Planet Zero to reduce terrorist attacks made on the city Decay. There are also minor stations by each key point in Decay's main frame. D.E.A.D. was a military act after the first attack on the city Decay. Back when Decay began a rogue group set apart from Decay claimed themselves as "ROT" they were technically more advanced then City Decay. They would kidnap small children from the city and use them in technological experiments. ROT was becoming so powerful that the only way Decay could defend itself is if they shot off a large area EMP. Which knocked out not only the ROT soldiers but also the city's power. A Military group formed and began fighting fire with fire, they experimented on people with nano technology until they had perfected the bots. The Military was known as D.E.A.D. Many people believed the name came from the fact that the soldier's they used were actually dead corpses of long lost family members and relatives. Many people began to hate not only D.E.A.D. but the city Decay itself. Soon rebellious groups formed and they allianced with ROT. After the first major war between ROT and D.E.A.D. The truth was revealed about the initials D.E.A.D. Many people became okay with the idea and the nano technology became a part of every day life. If someone was missing a limb they could repair it with the nano bots, it was used vastly in the medical field. However there are still people who believe D.E.A.D. Defiles the fallen corpses of close family members and refuse to ever go back to Decay. Currently D.E.A.D is the largest defensive military program in effect.

D.E.A.D. | * * * * * * * * * * * *
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Status: Active

Ground Troops: 1,000,000+

Gunship Pilots: 500,000+

Aerial Support Units: 150,000+

E.V.E Vehicle Support: 2,000,000+

Aerial Troopers: 1,000,000+

E.V.E Operatives: 100,000+

E.V.E Mecha [Engaged]: 100,000+

E.V.E Mecha [Disengaged]: 500,000+

E.V.E Weapons: 10,000,000+

E.V.E Ammo Depots: 16,000,000+

E.V.E HQ's: 2



Ground Troops: Specialize is vehicle, standard weapon usage, adv. Vehicle Usage, Infiltration, Data Response, Vehicle Repair...

Gunship Pilots: Pilot, Mass Shuttle depots, and War Vessel's.

Aerial Support Unit: Gunship Engineer's, Gunners, Supply and Ammunition Refill...

E.V.E Vehicle Support: E.V.E Manufactured Vehicles. Ground Vehicles, Aerial Vehicles...

Aerial Troopers: Pilot, Adv. Hydro Alae, Escape Pods, Rescue Vehicles, and supply drop off.

E.V.E Operatives: Special Operatives Injected with E.V.E Manufactured A.N.T. [Advanced Nano Technology]

E.V.E Mecha [Engaged]: Fully operational Mecha

E.V.E Mecha [Disengaged]: Immobile, Dissembled, or in Assemble/Re-assembly line.

E.V.E Weapons: E.V.E. Manufactured Weapons; Ground, Aerial...

E.V.E Ammo Depots: Storage and supply warehouses for E.V.E Manufactured Ammunition.

E.V.E HQ: Main Building for all D.E.A.D. Soldiers and or operatives.

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