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Posted 7/23/11 , edited 7/23/11
now maybe this isnt the place for requests of any sort but i was just curious if the possibility is there, a few years ago hulu ran all 3 seasons of the awesome denpa shonen subbed and although im in the uk i managed to catch them via a proxy server just as they were being pulled, now they are nowhere to be found, i have managed to get hold of some of the nasubi season unsubbed but id be willing to buy a full membership just for denpa, so whos with me?

and if you havent seen denpa you need to, its one the most amazing things youll ever witness, everyone i showed it to in the short time it was around was utterly blown away by it, especially funako so for the aske of those who dont know ill round up funakos story (as im sure most people have at least heard about nasubi)

funako was chosen for denpa then taken to an apartment where her challenge was explained to her, every day she would have a stack of flyers for bargain offers of the day from the entire kanto region, each day she had to select a random meal from a box then find the cheapest ingredients to make said meal. she then had to cycle to collect them. if she didnt get all the ingredients, no food, if she didnt get to the shop before they closed or ran out of stock, no food, if she missed a cheaper item, no food, you get the idea, some days see her cycling 200km only to get home to nothing but tomorrows flyers, the final goal was to save enough money from the rrp of the things she bought to take a family of four to eurodisney, it may sound horrible but it was simply amazing, especially as she never gave up

ive tried repeatedly contacting hulu but they completely ignore my emails, maybe if shinji were to approach them though.....
Posted 3/22/12 , edited 3/22/12

Just thinking about makes me laugh. I would buy a membership too for the Nasubi season, used to watch it on Hulu too.

Damn! I can't find any videos of Nasubi on Youtube probably because he's naked most of the time
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