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Posted 1/16/08 , edited 1/17/08
well this forum is for u to introduce urself

i will start ;

NAME: Bichu
AGE: 12
FAVORITE ANIMES: Reborn, Naruto, Eyeshield 21 and much more
ABOUT YOURSELF: well i live in US, i like to play hockey,football (american football or rugby), and soccer (football)
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26 / F / Singapore
Posted 1/17/08 , edited 1/17/08
Name: Tracy
Age: 15
Anime: Bleach, eyeshield 21, black cat, naruto, hitman reborn, prince of tennis and much much more!
MEEEEE: Singaporean/female/play computer/read manga/daydream
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26 / F / singapore
Posted 1/17/08 , edited 1/17/08
Name : claira
age: 15
Fav anime: reborn, naruto .....
about me : if you treat me nice i will do too (:

yoroshiku onegaishimasu (:
Posted 1/19/08 , edited 1/19/08
Name :Jacinda, but i like to be called angel
age:13 going on 14 in march
Fav anime:to heart, your my girlfriend, inuyasha, and saint october
about me : im nice and kind, but i play really mean games. so if you make me cry ill make you cry too. i dont like to be messed around with. OH! and i throw cookies at mean ppl
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29 / M / Netherlands
Posted 1/31/08 , edited 1/31/08
Name: Lesley
Age: 15
Place where i live: Netherlands
Fav animes are One piece, Eyeshield 21 and Rurouni Kenshin
About myself: Hmmm whats positive about myself... Im a slacker irl, I dont like to work, I always play games/watch anime behind my computer and the worst part is.... I dont like cookies!:O
Nah not really. Im a nice guy who likes 2 play some computer games from time to time.
I do watch alot of anime but thats because i am totally bored these days almost moving too another country :p
Most of the time i am online just watching anime and stuff probs also eating cookies^^

Pleased to meet u all:)
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33 / F / malaysia
Posted 2/11/08 , edited 2/11/08
name: shokubu
age: 22 years old
favourite anime(sport): eye shield 21 and ookiku furikabutte
" anime(normal): naruto,bleach,black cat and jigoku shoujo

i'm from Malaysia........
nice to meet u all....
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27 / F / Philippines
Posted 2/20/08 , edited 2/21/08
Name: Ryn
username: simca2007
age: 16
b-day: may 9 1991
Fave anime: naruto, eyeshield 21, deathnote, jigoku shoujo, all anime
Fave character/s: Yoichi Hiruma, Hatake Kakashi

minna! yoroshiku!
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30 / M / Southern California
Posted 3/22/08 , edited 3/22/08
Name: Chopstyck King

Age: 19

Favorite Animes: Outlaw Star, G Gundam, Trigun, Genshiken, Cowboy Bebop, School Rumble, GTO, Eye Shield 21 and Black Cat

Favorite Manga: Bleach, Get Backers, Genshiken, School Rumble,One PIece, Zombie Powder and Full Metal Panic

About Myself: Im a nice person, i like video games mainly fight games, i like to draw, i like to play football with friends and talk about anything, im learning japanese. I mainly listen to asian music, i plan to live in Japan one day. Anything else just ask me.

Nice to meet you all!

Oh i amost forgot

Favorite Anime Character(ill just put one of my favs right now ^___^,)

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27 / M / "I See White Peop...
Posted 4/10/08 , edited 4/10/08
name Kramer
age 16
screen name hawaii1808
b-day 10/26
favorite anime eyeshield, reborn, rosario, air gear, bleach, one piece, fairy tail
favorite character Musashi, Unsui, Hiruma

Me I like to play sports baseball, and more, enjoy manga, anime, videogames such as Final Fantasy Call Of Duty and more, Im a happy go lucky person who is sarcastic thats all i guess Adios for now
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22 / F / Philippines
Posted 7/12/08 , edited 7/12/08
Name : Patricia
Age: 19
Screen Name : Risha-san
B-day: September 13
Favorite ANime: Eye Shield 21, Kamichama KArin, Shugo Chara and much more...
Favorite Characters: Hiruma, Sena, Kanata, Hinamori Amu, Tadase Hotori

I like to play sports like badminton and sometimes basketball and watching anime.,.,.,
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25 / F / my stories ;)
Posted 10/16/08 , edited 10/17/08
NAME: Kurai_Narumi

AGE: 15

1) Eyeshield 21
2) Naruto
3) Death Note
4) Bleach

ABOUT YOURSELF:I live in the US, I love to play sports, basketball is my fac, but im going into girls football, i also play lots of tennis. I love reading manga and watching anime, I listen to a lot of music..practically makes up my life...i like yaoi, im from the middle east...blah

Favorite Characters: In Order:
1) Hiruma
2) Sena
3) Musashi
4) Cerberus

Favorite Eyeshield Pairings:
1) HirumaXSena
2) HirumaXMusashi
3) HirumaXAgon
4) SenaXJuumongi
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