Nightmare house
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Posted 7/24/11 , edited 12/11/11

Somewhere on the vast internet lays a website called Hotline to hell . Only thoose who feel disper can enter . Only being acssessed at midnight . If you type in the name of the person who have a grudge agenst in the search enjin a girl with long pink hair will apear not mentioning her name . After investigating with her assiastants Izumi and Tsuyu they will decide idf to send them to the spirit world . There is a house once you step through the front door you enter a whole different world altogether .

A student at Akumu Kiyofu academy is this girl . Her real name is Kasumi Kokao . And this is the house she grew up in and lives in from time to time . In this place its always sunset . Once you knock on the door and aload to come through it may not be all it seems . {yes i did get the idea from the anime hell girl }
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