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Its easy,

just write your opinion about anything.
and end with "but thats just my opinion"


I'd love to be buried alive in a box filled with cement.
You would put a tube into my mouth and another tube into my ass.
You would bury me 10 feet under the ground in your basement.
You would pretty much decide if I lived or died.
No one would find out.
No one would notice if I was missing anyway.
Maybe you would learn to love me?
At least a little bit before you killed me.
Maybe You would spare my life? But that's just my opinion.

Everyone cheats...but that's just my opinion.

This forum sucks, ...but that's just my opinion.
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Re "Buried Alive" statements:
I recall my teen years filled with angst, revulsion, disappointment, confusion, moments of abject glee that can be counted on 1 hand with 2 fingers missing before figuring who I was or what I wanted to become (continuing saga, trust me on this statement) but, if I'm reading some of these missives right, it appears you took a risk on a friendship/relationship and got shot down.

First, I applaud your courage that you took the risk meeting someone. Many people don't and won't; instead relying on their cognitive reasonings which may or may not be at all rational to the circumstance at hand. Susan Jeffries authored a fairly decent emotion self-help book several years ago titled "Feel the Fear and do it Anyway". Her suggestions helped me considerably in my times of stress, possibly they can be of use to you also (your local library may have it or you can Google it for other access suggestions).

Friendship is a continuous learning curve. It will teach all of us what our strengths, weaknesses are throughout our cycle of life. We may not like the direction or flow at any given time but this is a life process where the benefits to your psyche of having friends and understanding trust far outweighs manmade and other material constraints (ie. great house, kickass car, money in the bank, status). The latter is like a tonic that takes control of you promising happiness once you attain it. It's feeling is fleeting at best. Real friends, friends you take time to develop and reward with your trust will pay you dividends forever.

So don't give up. Most of us are conditional beings whether we're aware of it or not and many of us carry unrealistic expectations whether we realize that or not. As you age you will always be confronted and challenged to take still more risks beyond your comfort zone, no doubt make more mistakes along life's glideway. You will learn from them and grow both more confident and resilient about who you are, what you want to be, what you want out of life. It won't be easy, it never is.

This forum sucks......does it? I don't think so, but that's just my opinion. Probably need a few more members. Thanks for the invite, btw.
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No problem buddy Great response but thats just my opinion :p
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The world is on fire, but that's just my opinion....

or is it?
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I had a bowl of cereal this morning, but that's just my opinion.
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