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23 / F / Procrastinating à...
Posted 7/25/11 , edited 8/9/11
1.Translate the given word in the group's title into as many different languages as you possibly can.
2. Post all translations on the wall.
3. 1 language per post.
4. Any reposts of the same language will be ignored; only the first post to think of that language will count.
5. 1 wall post of the translation = 1 point.
6. 1 forum post using the given word (English only) = 2 bonus points. NOTE: it doesn't matter how many times you use the word in the post; if you only post once, then that only counts as 2 points.
7. Each competition will last 1 week.
8. Allow a few days at the end of each competition to give us time to count up all your posts and add up the points.
1. A personalised avii eg. your name, request pictures, effects, text etc.
2. Your choice of a theme which will last 1 month. NOTE: Each new theme will come into effect at the start of each month, so it will go from August, September, October etc. You will not be able to change your choice before your slot begins.

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Week of 07/25 - 07/31
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19 / On a new account...
Posted 8/6/11 , edited 8/6/11
Omigod your gonna end up winning tsoukyun xD
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