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Posted 7/25/11 , edited 8/3/11
Welcome To ThroughTheLookingGlassCentral.

Featured Avii

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му яυℓєѕ:

1. Please do not steal my work. Though my copyright is on ALL my works.
2. Please if youu take a pre-made Avii or Banner, post here in the forumn.
3. If any requests for special made graphics are made, please be notified that I will check to see if youu are using them. If caught not using for at LEAST a DAY, then I will no longer make youu graphics.
4. This is NOT a request forum, only requests to add to already pre-made Avii/Banners can be made here. Featured GFX CANNOT be edited for they already are.
5. Enjoy everything I have to offer, and again Welcome to ThroughTheLookingGlassCentral.!
яєqυєѕт ƒσям:

[?] Requests to add to the pre-made aviis/Banners here. 3 Photopayments to here.

Payments? (Screenshot would be nice proof):
Number Of Sample (Ex: #1 Avii o/r #3 Banner):



*Coming Soon*

*Do Not Quote My Post*
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Posted 8/1/11 , edited 8/2/11
I hope you will have more freebie/ pre-made avis here lol. i might have a feeling that the request part is a bit dominating xD

btw i took the couple avi thanks
Posted 8/3/11 , edited 8/3/11
I will be making more pre-made aviis. Just been incredibly lazy, and busy. Lol poor combination. But yes trust that I'll have more up.
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Posted 8/9/11 , edited 8/9/11
Username: MiracleShine14
Payments?: yep ^^ 3 pics
Text: MiracleShine14
Number Of Sample #4
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Posted 10/28/11 , edited 10/29/11
took #1 avii! heehee
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