Meeting Strangers/family/friends Situation

Posted 7/25/11 , edited 7/26/11
Meeting strangers or people you haven't seen in a while or even mutual friends... What usually happens?
Is it awkward? Are you confident?
How do you try to make conversation? Do you become friends? (Stranger)

Tell me your experience or even some stories!

Being a shy person I can sometimes have hard times meeting strangers but sometimes I can be hugely confident and easily go up start a conversation. The way I act when I meet with people mainly depends on the situation i'm in.

I'm incredibly shy over big gatherings with friends of friends, family/relatives and in mutual gatherings. Usually you would be confident when you know and have connections with each other but strangely i'm incredibly shy in those circumstances. However i'm confident meeting with meeting absolute strangers that I have no connection with what so ever.

So the season is summer where I live and I attended a summer school where I got to meet lots of great people. I would have expected myself to be really shy and be unable to make friends but I was really confident and made loads of friends. Heck i've we've even given each other stupid names like Toilet Brush, Pedo Bear, Wonky etc. I got the name Pervert... Seriously? Why does everyone call me that?

But yeah that's some short information on my experience of meetings with strangers or just mutual gatherings of friends and family
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Posted 7/25/11 , edited 7/26/11
I feel like if the other person is talking I can keep up, but I have trouble starting a conversation or keeping a conversation going with someone who isn't trying otherwise, I'm fairly social and comfortable around strangers [:
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Lol this is why I dislike weddings/funerals. No idea who anyone is except closer family.

My "aunt" or something: "Ooooh Sasha! I haven't seen you since you were a baby, do you remember me?"

Err no, I was a baby!

Its always awkward, but I just smile and nod like "Hah yes of course I remember you....?" and then my Mum nudges me and tells me who they are quietly.
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well to say this i always try to make them laugh but when its the worse its that every awkward moment i just stay quiet
but for some reason im always the one thats waiting for someone starting the conversation. I'm not good for making new friends like if i meet someone who's failing at being a perv looking at me i start a conversation its kinda a habit to talk to strangers like in the way to school buss train ANYWHERE!!
ye im creepy
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