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Posted 7/25/11 , edited 7/26/11
T w e a k e d . H e t a l i a . Ro l e p l a y

So, welcome to Hetalia Roleplay! Feel free to roleplay with your other groupmates and be nice to everyone. Also, please follow the rules and regulations of the group.

If you wish to have an "Exclusive Roleplay" with your friends, please PM me or the other moderators. Please read the rules and regulations for further reference before you begin to roleplay!

If you wish to be a character from the Hetalia-verse, please ask for an "Exclusive Roleplay".

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Posted 8/24/11 , edited 8/25/11
Fem!America walks into the room, and swag is just seeping off of her clothes. "I'm thirsty." she says and looks at her brother, Canada (Matthew). "Get me something."

"N-No.. at least, say please or something." he murmurs. She sighs and Alfred walks into the room. The swag level is just ridiculous now. Almost nuclear. (lmao)

"Don't boss him around today, can't you see he's been feeling down?" he said to the genderbent version of himself. She sits on a sofa in the large living room. "You're right, i'm sorry Matt." she said. She was still thirsty. Since it's been quite hot in America lately. "I can't wait for fall."
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