You Know Your in A Kdrama When........
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Posted 7/26/11 , edited 7/30/11
1. Soju only cost 10cents - so you can drink at least 10 bottles in one sitting
2. You can make an illegal u-turn at any time of the day without getting in an accident or pulled over by the police.
3. To date a guy you have to get slapped or hair pulled by his mother and/or ex at least once
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Posted 7/27/11 , edited 7/27/11
-Two guys are in love with you
-Someone you love is in the hospital
-You can't study any further because of your dad's debt
-your love rival has nicer longer hair than you!
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Posted 8/1/11 , edited 8/1/11
Love triangles or quadruples...
a deadly sickness is involved and only a limited amount of time is left.
Weak immunity -- suffice to get under the rain and suddenly they start to sneeze and end up feverish in bed where their beloved one can take care of them..
when you're park min yeong playing the role in Try Lying to Me then dropping down a hill, getting your foot a bit squeezed immediately unables you to escape the cold hills and trees..your lover will find you for sure.
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Posted 8/1/11 , edited 8/2/11
When the main female protagonist falls for the meaner guy (for practically NO REASON) and leaves the nice guy hanging even though he has done EVERYTHING for her (and I mean EVERYTHING)
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