Plot Holes
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Posted 7/26/11 , edited 7/27/11
Hey Guys,

I recently started watching Bleach and I'm up to the Arrancar Arc. What I've noticed along the way though, Is that it is FULL of plot holes. Not so much during the Bount Arc but the Arc before the Soul Society and Soul Society Arc are completely filled with them. Some of them aren't plot holes exactly but it was obvioulsy made up on the spot.

One example: (Not exactly a plot hole but its stupid)
When Renji was introduced he was introduced to have no relation to Rukia at all, Also his personality changes as soon as they enter the Soul Society. The whole back story featuring Rukia and Renji growing up seems like it made up during the Soul Society Arc. Considering Renji was sent to the human world to bring Rukia back for her execution he didnt seem to care very much, In fact it seemed like he wanted it. Then whilst in the Soul Society he cried and whines about it and basically does anything to save her.

That is just one example, Since I've started I've spotted at least 7 and I'm sure there is more to come.
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Posted 7/28/11 , edited 7/29/11
List em, I'm more that glad to discuss plot holes I used to hate bleach but after 2 marathons through I enjoy the story. (Still find errors, still hate the escalation of fight... get beat up, use a super move, barely win, rinse repeat)

Renji acted that way to shock her out of the gigai she was in so they could bring her back. She had been missing for months with no real update or checking in, then they find out she gave her powers to a human (capital offense) so he ended up overacting because they were once friends. (its a loose reasoning... most likely renji would have been a throw away character originally who got a backstory written midway through that arc... she couldnt tell it was him until he was in the light but in other situations they can feel friends spiritual pressures over long distances and amidst large crowds)

Also, Bount is not part of the cannon story line so don't include it in any assumptions. It's just a side story they made up to waste time while the manga got a few more chapters of content. There are a few more of those kind of arcs you'll see before the end.... zanpaktu rebellion is a fun one since you see the manifestation of everyone's swords
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Posted 7/29/11 , edited 7/29/11

I just watch Bleach. I don't even pay attention to the plot holes. To me, people who just look for plot holes & then give up watching make me laugh xD

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