There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane
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Posted 7/27/11 , edited 7/27/11
I was just curious if anyone else watched this documentary on HBO. I'm not sure if any of you remember the Wrong Way Crash in 2009 that killed 8 people, but this documentary visits the family members and friends of the woman (Diane Schuler) driving, and many people involved with investigating the wreck.

On a crisp day in 2009, following a beautiful vacation weekend in July, Diane Schuler drove her 1993 Windstar full of children going the wrong direction on the Taconic State Parkway in New York. She drove for 1.7 miles before the fatal crash that took her life, the lives of all but one of the children riding with her, and the three men in one of the vehicles she collided with.

This is the synopsis.

Daniel Schuler, the husband of Diane, is now suing the state and Warren Hance, who was the owner of the mini van Diane was driving.

Toxicology reports released days after the July 26, 2009, collision determined Diane Schuler of Long Island, N.Y., was drunk and high when she crashed her minivan into an SUV occupied by three men.

But her husband, Daniel Schuler, contends it was the state's "negligence, carelessness and recklessness" in its design and maintenance of the highway that "solely" caused fatal injuries to his daughter, Erin, 2.

The New York Post reported Tuesday that Daniel Schuler also filed a separate lawsuit last week in state Supreme Court against Warren Hance, whose daughters Emma, 8, Alyson, 7, and Kate, 5, were killed. That case argues that because Hance owned the minivan that Diane Schuler was driving, he is in part liable, according to the Post.

This is absolutely ridiculous to me. It's obvious that Diane's family is in a serious state of denial. At first Daniel believes an abscessed tooth that had been bothering Diane for a few years caused her to have a stroke, which in turn caused the wreck. However, the toxicology reports clearly state that she was intoxicated--they even found a bottle of vodka in the van-- and a medical examiner says that there were no signs of a stroke during her autopsy. Now, Daniel's claiming that the road design is "solely" the cause for the crash. He's placing blame on everyone but his wife.

Also, before the wreck, Diane calls her brother but is incoherent. Around this time, the oldest girl (I think) is talking to her mother on the phone, saying, "there's something wrong with Aunt Diane" and that she was driving erratically. Bryan, Diane's son and the lone survivor, says that he doesn't remember the crash, but tells everyone that, "Mommy's head hurt. She couldn't see."

So, what do you think: Do you believe the family's claims that there must have been a medical reason behind the crash have any credibility? Or do you believe the toxicology reports that state she was a driving under the influence?

I searched for this topic and didn't find one that was similiar. This is my first thread, so I'm really hoping it isn't a duplicate. :)
Posted 7/27/11 , edited 7/27/11
Facts against claims? hmmm I think I have to go with the facts since it obviously it has more proof then the claims.... Although facts could be wrong in a few cases, I still have to side with the facts since Daniel Schuler is trying to pit the blame on some1 else other than his wife
Posted 8/21/11 , edited 8/22/11
Illogical, drivel. I can't comprehend it. The government's negligence is something to raise concern about, but this woman was clearly DUI when it happened. I'd say Diane was the wrong that was reckless, since I doubt the roads caused ehr to crash-- very few incidents of those actually occur, fewer actually fatal.
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