Husband And Waifuu
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Posted 7/30/11 , edited 8/10/11
E t s u k o

Reason I Hack Her:
• i love her : 3
• the most sweetest girl you ever met >: 3
Etsuko is my bffl, my imoto-chan, and most of all, had (il)legal marry with me(aka my hubby). She's a special person and i love her so much. Every of her word cheer me when i was down. And i enjoy talking with her, our convos always puts a smile on my face. I can't help getting drawn to her, she's like the moon. She brighten my dark world, pulled me when i fall into dark, and always be there for me. I adore her and if you hurt her, i fucking pound your face (:

Love, Your Wifey Ryenic <3
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F / ふしぎ☆
Posted 8/11/11 , edited 8/12/11
R i i

Why I'm Hacking Her:

♥ She's kawaii
♥ She's smexii
♥ She's the best
♥ She's mine
♥♥ I Love Chu
♥♥ The most awesomest girl you ever met x3

Rii-tan is my bffl (best friend forever life), my sweet twinnie, she is my wifey (i'm her hubby). Guys you better be jealous xP She is the only one that cares about me. I love her so much. She is always there for me and supporting me. I'd hate to lose someone like her. She is my sunshine girl. She brightens me every single day. She makes me happy when i'm down. She makes me laugh when i'm bored. She is just the one for me. She is like my goddess. If there is anyone out there that makes a move on her or ever hurts her, you're gonna go through me first. I'd make your days miserable if you ever hurt my gal <3

Sincerely With Love, Your Hubby Etsuko
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