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Posted 7/31/11 , edited 7/31/11

Note: This is a direct translation from the ai [email protected] wiki (jap). If any conflicts between languages arise, please take the japanese version as the final version. And this thread has nothing to do with my personal opinions on this case.

1) To reduce the use of electricity

Effective from july 1, Tokyo electric and Tohoku(north-east) electric demands a reduction of 15% on the usage of electricity, using 2010's usage as the benchmark.

Because of the upgrade of niconico douga's server, the use of electricity has significently increased, and so they must find some way to compensate that increase.

In fact, beside those two electric companies mentioned above, all the other places in Japan are experiencing deficit of electricity.

2) Tokyo Teenager Ethic Protection Law

Effective from July 1, but not applied to net media, all items that are listed as 18+ (including rental items) must be separated from those that are not, and placed in a corner that is indicated as 18+ area. This applies to all shops in Tokyo, and extended to 2-dimensional (game).

As ai [email protected] has both 18+ and not 18+ items, if this holds true, they would break the law.

3) Deficit on budget / Reduction of players

At first, the developers expected a total number of players at 300k. However, the servers could only hold around 1000. Also, the development of one island costs 20M yen.

Even with the huge attention drawn with the touhou and miku campaigns, players left once those campaigns are finished.

The spec requirement to play ai [email protected], to most people, is pretty advanced, when compared to just playing ordinary VNs. Also, players who have difficulties to master the controls of the watergun shooting would leave the game as well.

The price of ai pons are set too high, and the rare items from them are too hard to obtain, where, in the process, items that are totally not worth 500yen are placed in the ai pons. This resulted a decrease in the selling of ai pons.

The high cost of development cannot be compensated by the low number of players. And as the purchasing of copyrights and patents from game companies to use their characters are unknown, there is a possibility that the purchasing price is much higher than what they have earned from it.

One of the most strongest reasons of reduction of players is because the ridiculously low rare item drop rate, and the huge amounts of exp required to lvl up. Even the developer of Touhou, ZEN, supported the above reason.

4) Tokyo earthquake

Because of the earthquake, electric companies have to reduce the use of electricity by applying the policy of electric usage control. They divided japan into 5 zones, and in turns cut the supply of electricity of those areas one by one. This may have caused the reduction of players.

The econimic tsunami might have an effect on the closure as well...

5) Adult's decision

It might be just a coincidence, but ai [email protected] shut down almost the same time with another online game developed by Bushiroad, named Chaos online, a TCG-like card battling game, although dwango's spokeperson denied the coincidence.
For people who wish to further investigate, please pay attention to dwango's report afterwards.

And for those who wish to revive ai [email protected] as soon as possible, please purchase the whole dwango company, and becomes its CEO.

p.s. would one of the MODs please highlight this thread for me? thx~
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