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25 / M / Limbo, My Dreams.
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/31/11
Username: XinVein
Name: Xin (Aliases: Domon, Akuma, Vincentius, and last name Kasshu)
Division: 3
Position: Captain (new division specialty, Extreme and long lasting Warfare)
Age: 21 (actually pretty effing old, but looks super young.))
Personality: Stoic, Kuudere(sometimes and only in the manly way.), Serious but also Carefree, Tactical, Focused, Honorable, Loyal, Protective, Righteous, Determined, Curious, Intellectual, Cunning, Aloof.



Shikai: Searing Thunder/Searing Lightning. "Torch the lands with the flames of Hell, Crush the sky with the force of Heaven, may Demons and Angels kneel before us......Kuroi Kaen Kaminari !!

Unknown if he has one. (To be added later)
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29 / M / roaming soul soci...
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11

Name: Kazuki Hikaru
Alias: Kazu
Age Of Death: 14
Age Of Appearance: 20
Real Age: 70
Gender: Male
Current Residence: Seireitei
Squad Number: 9
Position: Captain
Personality: Kazuki is a quiet, self content, focused, and very intelligent individual. Rarely will he be seen smiling or showing any kind of emotion even in the most intense of situations. His thousand yard stare only breaking for brief seconds at a time. Most of the time he prefers to be alone lost in thought except for when he wants to train. Even then he would simply ask for a sparring match or for something to be explain before distancing himself again.
At a glance some would say he cares about nothing but that is far from the truth. He has deep rooted beliefs and philosophies that he upholds at all times. These being that praying on the weak is wrong but all should know their place. Also and his most important belief is that history and what is right is wrote by the victor. Knowing that he never wants to be in anyone's history he refuse to enter battles he feels he may lose. This even extends to things outside of fights. When Kazuki feels he would not accomplish something he would never start to try.
Physical Appearance:

History: Kazuki at the age of five never had many friends nor did he ever attempt to make them. He was always alone as long as he could remember never knowing a mother or father. Some days Kazuki would sit and wonder how he was alive if he was never taken care of like he would see other children by their parents. He grew and became hardened to the fact of being alone fending for himself in the world.
At the age of ten Kazuki would sit outside of schools looking in windows trying to learn. He thought it would make living by himself easier if he knew more of the world. After teaching himself how to read he started going to public libraries and reading any and every book that he could possibly understand the words to. The librarian often would try to start a conversation with him as to where is parents were or how smart he was reading such advanced books but Kazuki would simply ignore her finding his comfort in the pages. One day while he was leaving the library thinking of a book that he finished reading he had seen a group of thugs taking advantage of a young girl. This reminded him about a scene in book where the main character tried to save a damsel in distress from evil bandits. In a similar fashion Kazuki attempted to save the young girl but was easily overpowered by the much older and tougher thugs. They left him battered and wounded heavily on the ground in the ally. As he clung to what remained of his life he could only help but think if he did the right thing. The young girl that actually managed to escape while the thugs roughed up Kazuki came back and wept for him seeing that he was fading fast. Seeing that she knew of his deeds he closed his eyes and smiled for the first time as he died.
When Kazuki awakened to his new life he was in the slums of a city unfamiliar to him. Wandering aimlessly for what seemed like weeks trying to make sense of what happened to him. Something he did realize is that he was still alone. Just like when he was alive in the human world Kazuki taught himself the layout of the area noticing what things can and can't be done. He stumbled upon a school of some sort where he saw people training with swords. Kazuki as he did before tried to teach himself learning to become semi proficient with his stick that he called a sword. One day as he was passing by, his stick in his hands, he noticed a person boasting about how talented they were with their weapon. It was a stick similar to his so he decided to challenge them as a test to his own self taught skills. In a short swift battle the obviously untrained person was defeated by Kazuki. After which Kazuki was going to walk away without speaking a word but was approached by a person in very important looking clothing. The man told him about the true meaning of the school Kazuki seen and that he wanted him to join officially.
After Kazuki joined in the shinigami academy he excelled at all skills with his vast intellect but lacked in the ability to work as a team with any of his classmates. He felt that they were only a hindrance and he could learn better by himself. The only times he would be seen with another is when it was a person that outranked him. Kazuki went through the entire academy until the only ones he couldn't beat were a few of the instructors themselves. Kazuki felt that when he graduated from the academy he would join one of the squads of the Gotei 13 but didn't know if he was cut out for doing so. On a fateful day, the day in which he gained his shikai, he decided that he had to join.
Kazuki gained his shikai on a day much like the day he died. Though this time he was much wiser and more trained to do battle. He noticed a young girl in the area where he first arrived in the new world, crying and curled in a ball as two men beat on her viciously. Kazuki froze for a brief moment afraid to help. He questioned himself if he should do anything, if he was strong enough to do so. His thoughts almost brought him to tears as he held his eyes closed tightly. While thinking he found himself in a field of long grass being blown about by the wind. A voice spoke to him asking if he believed he was strong enough to help her. Kazuki nervously replied that he was unsure. A man wielding a blade that looked like his appeared in front of him. The man asked again if Kazuki felt he could help her. Kazuki took a long pause to breath and spoke calmly, as he normally did, replying he knew he could. The man nodded and unsheathed his blade. Kazuki mimicked him unsheathing his blade, now outside of his thoughts, a few words ringing in his head. "Kakumau, Hogosha" Kazuki spoke softly as he moved towards the duo that were attacking the girl. His blade changed from his normal katana to it's released state. Using his abilities he quickly defeated the two. The young girl smiled saying thank you as she ran off.


Sealed form:


Name: Hogosha (divine protection)
Spirit Description:

Inner World: A field of long grass blown about by the wind
Type: Wind
Call Out Phrase: "Kakumau" (To protect)
Shikai Appearance: The blade begins to swirl with a wind like flow around it. the blade itself becomes the wind as it sits on the guard of the sword.
Shikai Abilities: After releasing his Shikai the blade becomes the wind. His attacks have highly increased range as the wind can extend. The blade itself becomes almost incapable of blocking since it loses its physical material.

Skills: Vacuum Katana- cuts the air sending a sharp blade at the target
Low Pressure Area- The blade produces an area of pressurized wind the makes Kazuki practically untouchable by melee range combat.


Name: Kagirinai Hogosha (Eternal Divine Protection)
Call Out Phrase: Kakumau
Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities: [/s] Kazuki's speed increases to match that of the wind. The winds around him are sharp enough to cut flesh with ease. The strength of the wind can topple buildings. His body can be dissipated into the wind making it even harder to hit him with melee attacks as well as any attack that is a physical form.
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23 / M / outside your hous...
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11

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Posted 8/9/11 , edited 8/27/11

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23 / M / outside your hous...
Posted 8/9/11 , edited 8/10/11

I guess I will APPROVE you on what you have lol.
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23 / M / outside your hous...
Posted 8/9/11 , edited 8/24/11
Username: Kster_9111
Name: Kaide Izuchi
Division: 6
Position: Vice Captain(for now)
Age: 18
Personality: Serious, not tempted easily, Kinda cold.
Bio: Kaide was happy with his life he had eveything or at least he thought he did but his whole life turned upside down when he found he could see souls and hollows. He tried to help the souls but one day the hollow was too much and he ended up dying he became a soul reaper vowing to help all the souls he could and eventually went up the ranks and become Vice captain of the 6th Divison. He is relentless with his squad always trying to make then better and stronger to protect themselves. He takes protecting the seireitei very strongly and is very law abiding.

Zanpakuto (Please create one and explain ablilites or take one from Bleach.)

Normal: Looks like a normal Katana.

Shikai:Kādogēmu(Card game)
Pic or describe: The hilt becomes red,black, and white. And the sword part turns into a giant deck of stacked cards. Theres a stacked state when the cards just stay in stack over the hilt and acts for like a Katana while a shuffle state when the cards float over each other and is more flimsy meaning if he attacks you on the arm the rest of the blade would swing around and slice you on the back aswell and has better range.

Abilities: Increases kido abilities. Can fire sharp cards from the deck at anytime and they can slice the opponent or light up red and explode.

Pokerface: A giant card appears in front of Kaide and spins and he disappears and can stay hidden until coming out from the card again from anywhere. But the more he stays hidden the more reaistu he uses.

Raise: A giant card appears in front of Kaide and acts as a shield.

Flush: Shoots the cards out like a gun in one spot on the opponent and it builds up into a big explosion on that one spot.

All in: A bunch of cards surround the opponent(s) and they all explode.

Bankai: (still thinking)
Pic or describe: He gains a red long jacket and red gloves that cut off at the fingers. He his skikai turns into 2 dice.
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24 / M / i'm here, your there
Posted 8/9/11 , edited 8/20/11
Username: Tothe
Name: Dyan Arashi
Division: 13th
Position: Captain
Age: looks 21 is really 115
Personality: calm and/or sadistic
Bio: Was found in soul society as a outcast and wasn't cared about much. He however never gave up hope & eventually worked his way up to captain of the 13th squad

Zanpakuto (Please create one and explain abilities or take one from Bleach.)


Shikai:(name) Immolate with Madness sanity
Pic or describe: changes to a fully black katana, which occasionally lets off a dark aura.
Abilities: manipulation of energy. While a durable and strong Zanpakuto in melee combat, is capable of unleashing several attacks that utilize black energy. These attacks are very powerful, and the more they are used, the stronger they become (until sanity is lost). The more he fights his sanity slips. Eventually, his skin darkens and his eyes completely lose their pupils as he gives into the insanity, which increases all of his physical abilities though he lacks the reason to use them properly (1 time).

Pic or describe:

Abilities: nightmare ability that makes other people lose sanity, illusions, fight as 2 seperate entities or one
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The fire that sur...
Posted 8/10/11 , edited 8/19/11
Name: Kyoko (self given)
Age:Has only been known 19 years but actual age is unknown
Personality:Kind. Strict but fair. Slightly battle-crazy.
Bio:Unknown. She was a wanderer before joining the gotei 13 and knew nothing. While excelling in all kido and has hercalean strength she has yet to communicate with her Zanpakto. After a heated argument with her captain about it she challenged him and won the captains spot in division 8. Her current goal is to finally communicate with her Zanpakto. (Edit) She has now learned the name of her Zanpakto.
Pic:(I'll need some help with this.)

Zanpakuto(Please create one and explain ablilites or take one from Bleach.)

Pic or describe:Looks like Kenpachi Zaraki's
Pic or describe:Unknown
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23 / M / outside your hous...
Posted 8/10/11 , edited 8/10/11

You are both APPROVED....
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Sereitei, Soul So...
Posted 8/10/11 , edited 8/10/11
Username: shadowfang324
Name: Arisu Kizaki
Division: 10
Position: 3rd seat
Age: looks 12, actually 85
Personality: kind, funny, intelligent, takes some things very seriously

Bio: After her parents got killed by hollows, she wandered around without anywhere to go. She died of hunger, and went to Rukongai, Soul Society. Arisu always admired Soul Reapers, and she was determined to become one. Arisu was considered a child prodigy, graduating the Shinso Academy in only 2 years.


Name: Rameiookami (Thunder wolf)
Release command: Hibana (Spark)
Shikai description: A gigantic wolf made from electricity comes out of the zanpakuto.
Abilities: She has her own kind of kido she can do, only if her zanpakuto is released. When the wolf is doing the Arts of Thunder, the power is multiplied by five.
Ikazuchi Houto (Art of thunder):
#1 Hekireki Tama (Thunder Ball),
#2 Ikazuchi Bakuha (Thunder Blast),
#3 Dakou Raikou (Crawling Lightning),
#4 Seiteki Kyuutai (Static Orb),
#5 Sutatikku Tate (Static Shield),
#6 Dendou Mori (Electric Lance),
#7 Denkouken (Lightning Blade),
#8 Ikazuchi Arashi (Thunderstorm)

Bankai: Shinjinbukai Rameiookami
Description: Arisu is seen riding the wolf, and wearing armor that is engulfed in electricity, along with her zanpakuto.
Abilities: The Ikazouchi Houto's power is multiplied by 40. She can now control thunderstorms.
Pic of zanpakuto:

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23 / M / outside your hous...
Posted 8/10/11 , edited 8/10/11

You are APPROVED but before you are able to use your Bankai your going to have to be active in the group.
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Posted 8/11/11 , edited 8/12/11
Username: Teddiee
Name: Priere Tachibana
Division: 12
Position: 3rd Seat
Age: Appears 18
Personality: Cheeky, Forceful, Rude, Pure[or at least her intentions are], Caring
Bio: Priere is an overly confident believer of justice. She believes what she thinks is right is justice, though it seems her intentions are always good she doesn't handle things well. When Priere can't simply talk things through to solve something she instantly throws a fit and starts using violence to get what she wants. People aren't sure if she's just selfish or a true justice believer, which in ways is true half of what she does is for herself.

Priere while human and about 13 still was often teased by others. People believed she was a reincarnation of a demonlord due to the fact she stuck out quite a bit… Her natural pink hair seemed to mostly be it either that or her selfishness and extreme ways of justice. One day a boy in Priere's village had teased her a little too much, she didn't like that at all and threatened his life saying his unholy soul shall be cursed upon and devoured by monsters. Oddly, a week after that while strolling through the forests, Priere saw the boy she threatened dead. A bear had eaten him? No… Priere looked closer and saw a horrifying monster, a hollow. Though she knew she threatened the boy she was still enraged [mostly because she wanted to finish him off] Mayuri and Nemu were watching from a distance. They were about to rid of the hollow but stopped to watch what would happen. Priere shouted at the monster 'if I am a demonlord… I shall give you my wrath!' her she began to fight the hollow, she wasn't getting hurt or dying since for most of the battle she had been dodging it the fight went on for awhile until the hollow had finally stabbed right through her torso, Priere fell the ground. She struggled to want to stand up, just then Mayuri and Nemu stepped in and easily rid of the hollow… Though Mayuri was quite curious about this demonlord thing. Actually he had been watching her for awhile and it could be possible since Priere had cursed people with bad luck before and every time the victim would either never leave their house or commit suicide after a few weeks due to awful rotten luck. Mayuri decided to take her in, he examined her body… It didn't seem like anything was unique about her she was a normal human, but Mayuri knew he wanted to experiment a bit with her and make those demon rumors true. He decided to give her enhanced abilities both a Valkyrie and Demon would have. Soon after Priere was given strict orders to become a Shinigami. She didn't question though, she just did it.

Priere while in the Soul Reaper Academy trained day and night and studied 24/7. She made sure she'd be ready to face reality and become a true being of justice. Often Priere would secretly go off and do secret training and research things that most students didn't bother with. Priere herself dislikes most of the fighting styles people chose since she prefers hand to hand and use of technology. She hardly ever uses Kido due to that.

Angelic Speed As the name suggests it gives Priere higher speed than average speed.

Overlord's Sky This allows Priere to use artificial wings to fly, but she can only soar short distances and jump higher with them she can't stay in the air for longer than 10 minutes

Berserker Priere's stats are raised higher mostly her speed, and power. This is a last resort thing used when her health is 25% or below




Shikai: Eien Chinkon "Eternal Requiem" [永遠鎮魂]
Release: "I am the demon, come what may Eien Chinkon!"
Pic or describe: Eien Chinkon is a short double sided spear, both blades are retractable to be used for all ranged attacks. The wire's between the blade and the pole used to retract the blades is made up of electrical energy.
Abilities: Having both the blades retractable, Priere can use this to tie up the opponent using the thin electric energy wire [the wire connects the blade to the pole] and create shockwaves using her energy to flow electricity to the wires. When the wires are hidden inside the pole while the blades are still connected to the shaft/pole, Priere can use electric attacks with just the blade. She charges up electric energy inside the pole and blade then releases it as she strikes.

Bankai:(Optional) N/A
Pic or describe:
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F / 天クル
Posted 8/10/11 , edited 8/11/11
Username: Black_Rock_Shooter
Name: Minami Kurotsuchi
Division: 12
Position: Lieutenant
Age: Appears 15, Only 60 which is young by Shinigami standards
Personality: Serious, diligent, modest, curious.
Bio: Minami is the artificially created "daughter" of former Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi, much like former Lieutenant Nemu Kurotsuchi. Mayuri used a combination of Gigai and Artificial soul technologies to bring her to existence. She has always been a part of Division 12 because of her background, in fact, she was offered the Lieutenant position, which she took up. She would rather be a seated officer however, so that she does not have to be bothered with too many other duties. This allows her more time for research, which she enjoys very much. In fact, research is Minami's top priority, even when faced against powerful foes, she will at times use a fight to test out inventions of her own. Minami prefers to fight with a combination of Zanjutsu, Hoho and Hakuda. This fighting method allows Minami to make use of her Zanpakuto perfectly. Minami also has a variety of body modifications that were invented by the former Captain.

Body Modifications:

Inhuman Durability: Her body was designed by Mayuri to have much more durability than a normal person's. She can take wounds that would be fatal to another person and survive.

Extension Arm: Minami's left arm can extend out like a grappling hook. When the arm is attacked it explodes on impact, but with her regenerative serum, this is not a problem, although the serum does cause pain.

Liquefaction: If Minami were to stab herself with her Zanpakuto while it were in its sealed state, she would trigger an ability to transform into a liquid form. It is a last resort technique which simply leaves her unable to attack or be attacked, making it an effective escape tool. She commonly can move around in this form and speak as well. She reforms after a few hours.


Regenerative Serum: A Serum developed by Mayuri, which can regrow limbs upon injection, and looks like some sort of green chemical. Intense pain is the side effect to the usage of this serum.

Zanpakuto Communicator: Developed upon meeting with Captain Kyoko. Minami utilizes her zanpakuto to transmit her voice through to other Shinigami via their zanpakuto. This is done through sending specific wavelength frequencies that the metal of zanpakutos can pick up.


Zanpakuto: Dokurichi


Shikai: Infect, Dokurichi.
Pic or describe: Takes on the form of a syringe and needles.
Abilities: Dokurichi's needles cause temporary paralysis upon a foe if contact is made (paralysis lasts 1 post). Minami can attach a needle to the syringe and use it to pierce and siphon a miniscule amount of reiatsu from a target if successful. Upon doing so, Minami injects herself with a mixture of Dokurichi's energy along with the reiatsu stolen from her target. This allows Minami to temporarily mimic the form of her target while also being able to gain their knowledge, abilities, etc. (this lasts about 3-5 posts, depending on how much reiatsu is siphoned.) Aside from this, Dokurichi is capable of injecting harmful poisons that dull/slow reaction times of an enemy by dulling their senses. It is also capable of inducing pain by sending signals to the brain.

Bankai: N/A
Pic or describe:
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23 / M / outside your hous...
Posted 8/11/11 , edited 8/12/11

You are APPROVED...
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43 / M / Deepest Darkest D...
Posted 8/13/11 , edited 8/18/11
Username: ElbyStarfire

Name: Rin Isohata

Division: 7

Position: Captain

Age: 965 (looks around 55)

Personality: Quiet and somewhat mysterious. When it comes to the operation of the Court Guard Squads he is very strict and honor-bound as one of the old guard. Has a somewhat whimsical side when it comes to training younger Shinigami.

Bio: Rin was a seated officer in the 1st division for roughly 700 years, being sent on extended solo missions in the world of the living where he honed his skills. Upon returning to the Soul Society he served briefly as the Kido Commander, but the secrecy of the role did not suit him. When a captain's position opened with Squad 7 the Head Captain requested he take it. Rin is a reluctant warrior, a philosopher at heart and approaches all situations with reserve and calculation. He is strongly moral and compassionate despite his gruff (and often cranky) exterior (which I think fits the fact that I am the oldest person writing a bio).

Pic: Rin stands 5'8" tall and has a lean, athletic build. He has short grey hair streaked with white and a short grey beard kept neatly trimmed (think a skinny Santa Clause without the jolly factor). He is somewhat gaunt and has many scars from battle (the most prominent being one crossing from his right temple to just below the left edge of his left eye. His right eye is piercingly blue, but his left eye has a cataract that obscures his iris. Rin prefers to wear a loose black tunic and black pants bound at forearms and thighs with white cord. His outfit is belted with a long white sash that bears the symbol of his squad and he also wears a white hooded cloak, generally with the hood up.

Zanpakuto: (I am terrible with Japanese names) Starfire (Hihoshi?)

Normal: A straight edged katana of average length. The hilt is gold wrapped in crimson, the guard is round, gold and in the pattern of the yin-yang symbol. The blade is glossy black with a damascus style that shows up dark red in the right lighting.

Shikai: "Light the darkness, Starfire!"
Pic or describe: The sword transforms into a sleek, tight fitting black gauntlet/bracer that covers his right arm from fingers to shoulder, in the same damascus pattern and coloration as the sealed form's blade.

Abilities: Rin's Zanpakuto is a kido type weapon designed to create a synergy with Rin's preferred form of combat which is Kido and hand-to-hand combat using Shunko. It can summon forth crimson energy (concentrated spiritual power) which Rin shapes into different effects or uses to enhance Kido. These abilities are as follows: (I need help with Japanese translation)

1: Pierce the Darkness: A cero-like blast of crimson light (pure white at center). The energy gathers from star-like sparks of red energy that gather at the palm of his gauntlet.

2: Star Blade: creates a brilliant crimson blade of energy to be used as a sword in combat. Can be thrown over short distances.

3: Night's Embrace: creates a brilliant crimson weighted chain that can be used to entrap enemies or strike.

4: Bulwark of Light: creates a crimson shield.

5: (unnamed technique) Rin can channel his spiritual energy through shunko and shape it into any energy/elemental based effect in appearance, but it is still undifferentiated crimson energy. Not being a named technique it does not have the power of the four named techniques above but is useful against lower level opponents.

6: Kido Enhancement - All kido effects become crimson or attain a crimson accent. This power supercharges incanted Kido or makes it easier to use Kido without incantation closer to full effect (70% power).

Bankai: Purifying Starfire

Pic or describe: The Zanpakuto expands from the arm armor to armor Rin's entire body, still in the same color and damascus pattern. His white sash remains belted over the armor. Crimson chains are wrapped around the right arm and extending from the right shoulder around his torso. The helmet is featureless except for a slit for the right eye. Rin's right eye glows red.

Abilites: The same as above. The most common usage of his Bankai is to remain in a state of Shunko. He also regains lost stamina and speed from his youth, allowing for advanced shunpo moves. He loses the ability to use regular Kido in this form, relying on shaping his spiritual energy free-form. His Zanpakuto is all about gaining maximum control and utility with his power.

General Abilities: Rin is a master hand-to-hand combat, one of the foremost masters of Kido in the Soul Society and has completely mastered Shunko. He can barely maintain shunpo at minimum captain level due to his advancing age and his strength has waned a bit. His Shikai solves the strength problem, and his bankai solves the speed problem.
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