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Posted 8/1/11 , edited 8/3/11
To claim a character simply put:

Name of Character:
Will You Be Active?:

Character Legend:
Blue Name=Human
Purple Name=Special Ghost
Green Name=Friendly Ghost
Orange Name=Hostile Ghost
(Special Ghosts are Friendly to some and hostile to others or friendly at times and hostile at others)

The list of characters is as follows:

List will be updated as I gain more photos of the characters!!!

Reiko Asagiri- Available

Rin Kagura- Available

Makoto Shirae- Available

Shin Suzutani- Available

Chiyo Kishibe- Available

Sadao Amano- Available

Kyoko Hibino- Available (I could not find a pic of her ghost. Sorry.)

Girl in Red- Available (Yes. That is her name...well...that's what people call her. She was never named)

Yoshi Kuromiya- Available

Hina Hidaka-
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