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Posted 1/16/08 , edited 1/17/08
Here are 5 of my recent Poems.. yes i like to write. These are my fav. 5 (lol that commercial) poems i've written recently. I also have one about The Nightmare Before Christmas, if you would like to read it PM me and i'll be happy to send to you.

"Play Dead"

That's all they said.
They just point and stare.
It shows that they are hanging by thread.
As I sit in class wishing I was in bed.
Wondering if it would be better if i was shot in the head.
It's all a dream it must be a dream.
Just like my life is ripping the seem.
I should just play dead
Just vanish and see how the world would be
If there is just no me, so i could foresee how life would be
But since i cannot foresee what is not to be, it's all just a.. Fantasy.

It's a tad short but I like it and so does alot of other people.


Blood is red.
The bodies are blue.
That's the color you would be if I shot you.
The more you think.
The more you wonder.
That you could be on the brink.
Of your life's greatest plunder.
Joy is short so make it last.
Before your creation turns into my past.

"Stripped World"

The blast of a bullet.
A change of the present.
The man with that mullet.
He was just the world's peasant.
The damnation of the population.
Does not even cover all the depth perception.
A whole new begging to make the world anew.
So the chaos and destruction flew.
The world was bruised.
Of it's shattered past
But in the time, we had a blast.
So we all ran, flew and some just cruised.


The pain inside is all we had.
The pain was all but sad.
The memory of you will soon to fade.
As the memory will surely jade.
How must you be this way?
We must not have had a thing to say.
The only think I think, is you.
That's the only thing to help me pick and choose.
How come you only love the taste of booze?
You never really thought of me.
Only when you needed me.
Now it's over and it can last
The simple sorrow will be sure to pass
Our spirits would be sure to fly high.
And never forget the moments that flew by.

and last but not least (the longest one)

"The Memory of You"

The Butter was churning.
As the Bodies were burning.
The children were yearning.
Just for a little learning.
They all ran in fear.
As the wifes and daughters spread their tears.
Looking past as the world just mirrors.
The life one once had, that is lost in the beers.
As they all ran, not turning to be.
The voices could be heard by those none could see.
I was on the verge of knowing nothing.
Not a one of us knew, but there was something,
There just had to be.
So I'm still just running.
Not too concerned on what is rambling behind me.
And out of the blue.
I think of you.
So i stop to state
Just hanging in mid air.
A shot, a single shot that breaks the silence
A chill of cold that stops the violence
Ends with a fade, that fade of blue is
The single memory of you.

Sorry if this is more then im allowed to enter if i can only enter one or two.. it's Play Dead and The Memory of You. Please leave feedback.

Mike Barlow/Milenko
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Posted 5/29/08 , edited 5/29/08
Hey, I like your poems. They seem to be on a similar topic, and feel more likt parts of a longer poem instead of five seperate ones. when reading them the imagery that is used comes to the forefront and you can see it and hear it. eg "a shot, a single shot, that breaks the silence" like hearing the bang and the shatter of the void.
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