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20 / M / the closet 5ever
Posted 8/1/11 , edited 8/1/11
heya guys i just thought that there should be a place where you could post poems you've written before or just thought of! i think poems are pretty cool, so feel free to post here!
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38° 53′ 51.61″ N...
Posted 8/3/11 , edited 8/3/11
Alright. *finger snap*

Thank you... For cleaning up most of the shit in my life. I feel relieved when you’re there for me. Raged when you’re not. You’ve touched me places where no one else has. I love you, toilet paper.

*finger snap*
Posted 8/3/11 , edited 8/3/11
^ Best poem ever .

You liar .
You filthy liar .
What rhymes with liar ?
I may never know .
But you put on a very good show .
Hope your cold , insulting heart grows .
Bitch .
Posted 8/5/11 , edited 8/5/11
Piano keys
pressing down
against every note
where is the melody
I hope to find what your looking for
but what if I go too far?
I cant reach the next key
closing my eyes
I'll feel for you
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33 / M / 3rd Echelon, 東京
Posted 8/5/11 , edited 8/6/11
i do not remember
as pain strikes my side
and a cold tear falls upon me
i now believe it is september

will i live on another day
my love for you has not left me
and by your side i will surely stay
i can see your face
i now believe it is may

i do think things are coming back now
as the pain leaves me still
a warm touch over comes me
i'll take as much from you... as much as you allow
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26 / F
Posted 8/22/11 , edited 8/22/11
Come let me drag you into my world my love
Come let me show you what its like to live in darkness
Come let me drown you in my sweet bitterness
You demanded for it and now ill fulfill your wish
Dare not hesitate now, you’ve already trespassed
Dare not deceive me now or lightning shall strike you
Dare not abandon me now or lament shall plague you
Come let me show you what it feels like to live in hell
In the deep, dark and burning pits of my hollow life
Come let me show you all the pain you gifted to me
Come let me show you my slowly tattering wings
Come let me show you my bruises gushing out blood
Doesn’t it thrill you to see me torn apart like this?
Now that you’re here doesn’t it feel like heaven?
Now that you’re here wont you seize me in to your arms?
Didn’t you always want dominion over my soul?
Didn’t you crave to partake my impaired heart?
And make it your very own till the end of days?
Oh how you longed to see me destroyed and agonized?
Loud applauds you accomplished your task!I’m proud
I warned you that this would be redundant to bear
Yet you were beyond callow to apprehend or behold
Oh how i pity you yet still disdain your soul to my very core!
Posted 8/22/11 , edited 8/22/11
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26 / F
Posted 8/23/11 , edited 8/23/11

NyuBoom wrote:

Thanks alot =) This was a year ago though
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26 / F
Posted 8/23/11 , edited 8/23/11

Suddenly her whole world was falling apart
As she kept remembering that hour
Of bitter words and despair

All the hope she once knew of
Was like a candle losing its flame
With no sign of returning again

It was too painful to bear
There was no one to care
Nothing could renew her strength

Nothing could stop the tears
Those who she once loved
Were now just a distant memory

She was stranded once again
In a land of misery and anguish
No one knew her anymore

For those who did now cease to exist
She no longer knew who she was
Everything was lost

What was left for her
She did not know
If he existed, only he would know
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26 / F
Posted 8/23/11 , edited 8/23/11
As I sit here all alone
Lost in the wilderness
As reminiscences’ flow
Thrusting more spears into my heart
I still can’t let go of the aching feelings
Implanted within my soul
My whole body and soul
Still cries out for you
Still yearns for you my love

Was it me or
Were you just feigning?
I thought you were different?
But you aren’t
I thought you cared for me?
But you don’t
I was hypnotized all along
I was hypnotized by you
I believed all your lies

I still can’t let go of you
How I loved your smile that,
Infiltrated through my heart
Your scintillating eyes
That gazed into my own then
Still bring tears to my eyes
Everything about you I adore
Ah this is too painful
I can’t take it, don’t leave me

I'm trying to forget you
But it’s just too hard
You've stained my heart
With your finger prints
I’m broken, I need you
I want you to embrace me
I've longed for you to
Someone please wake me up
From this nightmare that’s
Devouring my soul

All my thoughts revolve around you
I’ll always treasure those times
We spent together in silence
It was heaven being with you
But I’ll never return to that time
Your cute voice still rings in my head
All those sweet words you spoke to me
I wish you never did I wish we never met
For you’ve crowned me with impeding
Memories, tears and hurt….

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20 / F / wσи∂єяℓαи∂
Posted 8/27/11 , edited 8/28/11
It's A Soulless Body Used Like A Puppet. No Control, No Voice. No Choice,
It Calls Out. A Heart It Wants.
The Puppet Master Refuses. It Wants The Puppet For It's Control.
The Puppet, Unable To Cry, Sits In It's Chair, Head Down.
It's Glass Eyes Were Dead Looking. It's Mouth Moved.
No Sound Came Out. A Broken Cry Was All That Was Heard.
It The Pit Of It's Dead Heart, It Slowly Beats. A Soft Beat, Not Noticeable.
The Puppet Is A Dead Body With No Soul, No Heart.
It's A Living Corpse. No Zombie, No Vampire.
A Living Corpse Used As A Puppet Who Wishes To Be Free From It's Puppet Master's Sick Twisted Grip.
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23 / F / boku no hero univ...
Posted 10/13/11 , edited 10/14/11
Sub-zero capsulation

Wither away, reveal the barren scars carved upon my bone, malice sweeps against my now frozen brow, by this time, I realize it is too late, for there is no cure. My heart well understands, what manifests here is a snake bite, freezing the last drop of blood, cold, taking lusted pleasure in this game of agony, I know it is all too very late, this feeling that freezes me in time, a feeling that forever incapsulates the frostbitten poison plaguing my heart, I know it none over, than as love.

[take that, all you emos out there] XD

Posted 10/18/11 , edited 10/18/11
I see her in the distance
The crossroads is near
The grey skies above
Foreshadowing my fears

I cannot accept this as the end
I run in opposition
Reaching for her hand
To tell her my position
Will she take it or will she go
Time will tell of these crossroads
Posted 11/27/11 , edited 11/27/11
excuse my grammar

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25 / M / Everywhere :P
Posted 12/2/11 , edited 12/2/11
This one is short. It comes from my head. Spirits all around me, living and also dead. One question will always remian with no answer, that question is why. My question is why do we have to live if we are all only meant to die?
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