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Hi Everyone

This forum is where you can create your own bleach character, you can make more than one of you like.

your creations

Character's name:
Character's nickname:
Birth Place:
Zanpacto's Name/Abilitys:
Bankai & Abilitys:
Character's Spceial Abilitys:
Position In the Soul Society:
Family members (does your character have any family members?)
Pic ( it can be a drawing you made or a random anime pic):
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Character's name: Masamune Ryuzaki

Character's nickname: Masa-sensei, Ryu-san

Age: Looks 29 years old (actually the same age as Head Captain Genryusai Yamamoto)

Gender: Male

Birth Place: Japan when he was alive(Rukon District Hanging Dog)

Personality: Hardworking, Stubborn, Calm, Calculating, Caring

Zanpakuto's Name/Abilities: Night Shadow Princess (Yorukage-Hime in Japanese.) Can control shadows and darkness. His other zanpakuto is White Wolf. His speed increases and this zanpakuto takes the form of twin daggers. The moon also increases his fighting abilities.

Bankai & Abilities:White Wolf King and White Wolf Emperor. His daggers turn into twin swords and his appearance changes so that he is wearing a white trench coat with white fur at the collar. He can create a moon image by drawing one of it's phases and it will enhance his speed even more. White Wolf Emperor is when his twin swords combine into one and his speed increases exponentially. In that form he can create a moon image anytime to strengthen him and they will never disappear until he wants them to, and he can shoot off white waves of energy from his sword.

Character's Special Abilities:Can create zanpakuto's for anyone, can also synchronize with anyone's zanpakuto no matter who it is, can use multiple zanpakutos even the ones he creates.

Position In the Soul Society:Former Head Captain and Former Squad Zero Member.

Family members: He had thirteen pupils for which he thought of as his own children but they are now dead.

Bio: He retired from his positions in the Soul Society and went back to living as a sword smith in the Hanging Dog District. He took Thirteen pupils and they were his family and they trained with him to get strong enough to join the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. They were all tortured and killed by a sect of Soul Reapers under the command of Central 46 when he rejected their proposal to join them for their own gain. All of his pupils died before him and he swore revenge. He is planning of razing the Soul Society to the ground. He can force up to 5 captain class soul reapers back if they should fight together against him.
Pic ( it can be a drawing you made or a random anime pic):
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