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A.S. (Alliance Standard) Star date 13042.42
Log #1:

I'm not sure what's going on or where I am. It's some kind of medical room.
I don't know who I am but this Multi Device by the bed here is registered to the name Richard Dean Grandson.
The MD feels like it's mine and so does the name I think.

The medical staff isn't Human, isn't any race that I know of either. They're humanoid but the only way I can think of to describe them is catlike, short fur, tails, similar type of ears. I don't know.
I think they assigned one of there own to try and talk to me but I can't make anything out.
She seems to be trying to translate from off of a holo tablet but their translator isn't finished configuring or something and I'm too disoriented to try and figure out what she's trying to say.

what's going on? What's happened?

A.S. Star date 13042.43
Log #2:

Okay. Things feel clearer.
I'm an engineer in the Alliance. I work aboard a shuttle. I think.
Yeah, I work with a small crew but... no faces come to mind yet.
Who are they? What happened to them?

The one these people assigned to talk to me has been at it again. I'm making a little sense of what she's been trying to tell me.
I'm on the planet... I won't even try to spell the name yet. I'll wait till I'm not butchering it.
It's inhabitants are probably about as technologically advanced as Earth or more, from what I can judge from what she tells me and what I can see in this medical room. She... doesn't know anything about Earth. That's concerning.
Her name is... Leyackst... Leeuxi... I'm going to call her Leah.
She's got tan brownish fur. And she seems relatively friendly.

I need to quit typing for a while. Need to rest again.

A.S. Star Date 13042.44
Log #3:

Oh God.
Henry, Carter, Chris, Sgt. Patterson.
They were the rest of the crew. Almost everything's clear again.
I've been asking Leah about them over and over but she only responds with a sad look and tells me we'll discuss it later.
I'm already pretty sure what that means.
Damn it, I need to know.
Am I all that's left?

A.S. Star Date 13042.45
Log #4

The events that leave me stranded on this (admittedly hospitable) alien world are as follows:

Our shuttle set out from the fleet to run follow up tests and studies on a small track of space. It was an unstable piece of space-time. We had sent probes in three days earlier and they relayed back information, no problems.
It was supposed to be safe. Everything was going according to the plan for a while.
Suddenly though, the shuttle began accelerating uncontrollably.
The stars around us twirled around then spiraled away in all directions.
Proximity alarms went off half a second before the shuttle clipped the meteorite.
After that, all I remember is fire, a roaring, shouting and yelled bits of prayer. Including my own.

I asked Leah about the rest of the crew again. She looked away and only replied 'tomorrow.'

A.S. Star Date 13042.46
Log #5

Leah and another one of the Telranen (that's what their race's name is) took me out of the med room today.
I can't walk yet, still weak. They were pushing me in their equivalent of a wheel chair.
They took me out to a field. The open sky, blue with a touch of green was a nice change.
It was a cemetery. There were four fresh mounds. There were holo photos on each of the grave markers.
It gives me a good feeling that they buried them, strangers and a strange new species. They still gave us that respect.
Leah and the other one let me write their names on the markers.

A.S. Star Date 13042.49
Log #6

I'm feeling stronger.
I've been using the wheelchair to get myself around. Leah's translation of English is getting better and I think she's getting frustrated with me. She keeps bringing up that we should go to the shuttle because the information in it would make relations easier. The ship has a full English database and would instantly push up their ability to speak to me. I've been putting it off. O don't know why but I just am. I kind of don't want to go back to that death trap.
I know the Telranen want to get to the info stored on that thing. I'm the only one on this world who can get access to that data.

Yeah she's definitely frustrated with me. She just got grumpily spoken to by an officer and she gave me a dirty look and stormed off.
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owo reminds me of the Logs whatshisfacefrom from AVATAR did in the beginning of the movie 8D
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God if that man were like... 20 or 30 years younger I would be on him like a bear on honey.

The name DOES come from Richard Dean Anderson though, right? XD
MacGyver/Colonel Jack O'Niell FOR THE ABSOLUTE WIN.
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