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F / Digimon & Pokemon...
Posted 8/3/11 , edited 8/30/11

Hello there :DD welcome to wonderlands creations, we like to get to know our precious members. So don't be shy!! Tell us a little about yourselves! I guess I will start things off hehe :3 for example:

Hello there my name is Juvairo-chan or Ju-chan I like to draw, paint animes and karate XD. and also like candies and chocolates yummy~ I am the creator of the group hope you have great time!! I was born on 29 June! My favourites anime are naruto, bleach, one piece, fairy tail, k-on and many of them XD
nice to meet ya everyone!
~byeeee for now~

(p.s. ~dont forget to write your bday because we are gonna make you a surprise~)

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Posted 8/3/11 , edited 8/3/11

Hi Everyone. I was born on November 13, 1996. My Favorite animes right now are SKET Dance & Shippuden; but My all time favorites are DBZ & Kaichou wa Maid-sama. Well I guess what I'm like and what I like is different? I like to read, I like to go to school, and listen to music. My favorite Genre of music is K-Pop, and Pop. Like 2NE1, SNSD, Katy Perry, Ke$ha. What I do for fun is use my laptop, listen to music, go outside & read. I'm from Mexico, and I'm bilingual[English, and Spanish], but I have french class. I'm in the 10th grade[high school 2nd Year]. My favorite Subjects are Literature & History. Well Hope you got to know me (:
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20 / The interweb
Posted 8/4/11 , edited 8/4/11

Hiya Im Keith and I was born on May 22, 1998. Im love to read making people call me a bookworm or nerd, my fave type of music is most rap, pop, and k-pop ((Ex~ SNSD, Avril L., Nicki, etec)) Im also very crazy and I say random things like "Usher's my daddy!!" in public which make people look at me. My fave mangas/anime are Gakuen Alice, Princess Tutu, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, AAA, Orange Planet, Moe Kare, Card Captor Sakura, Rockin Haven, and Berrish Love ((I likes alot of mangas :3)) Anyways that all thanks for readin this, see ya!!
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20 / F / Ballroom Dancing
Posted 8/19/11 , edited 8/20/11

Haii~! i'm Daphne.. Was born on May 12, 1998 and i luv anime, manga, and music. I love j-pop, k-pop- and c-pop music. I love Fairy Tail, 07- Ghost, and other fantasy/action/romance/comedy anime xD
Can't really choose wat are my favorite manga since i have to much but i luv Ikeyamada Go and Tanemura Arina's works a lot! <33 hm... i gess i'm count as a pretty talkative person if u kno me well, but if u don't... i'm pretty quiet haha. well, nice to meet ya all and hope this helped :D
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Hiougi City, Unov...
Posted 8/22/11 , edited 8/22/11

MY name is Ashe, everyone calls me Silver~. I was born May 6, 1996 and i, of course, love anime, manga, and all of the sort. My hobby is writing. I must have a story at hand at all times or i'll get twitchy and angry and crazy. I love to play pokemon and Final Fantasy. my fav animes are To Aru Majutsu No Index, Tegami Bachi, Gakuen Alice, etc. I'm random, people might not get me, and a random fact about me is i accidentally kicked a dude i hated in the throat.(no joke. and i knew i didn't need to say that, i just wanted to....xD) so~~ hope we can get along~! XD
Posted 9/9/11 , edited 9/9/11
Hello I am Hinata I am a junior in college. I was born November 15 1990 which makes me 20 years old. I live in Boston, Massachusetts. The first anime that i knew that was anime was InuYasha. My favorite anime is Fruits basket. The cutest anime character of all time is Mokona. My favorite character is Hinata Hyuuga so that is why i go by hinata. My hobbies are reading, watching anime, making wire figures, and hanging out.
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23 / F / Inside a cheese h...
Posted 9/19/11 , edited 9/19/11
Hellos~ I'm kimmie, born on October 23, 1995 and I'm currently 15 years old. I'm nothing specially really, just your typical anime/manga loving nerd/dork/thing...though I might be a little awkward as well. xD Haha my favorite anime/manga series of all time is Azumanga Daioh while runner up is Gintama so I was absolutely delighted to find that the theme of this group was Gintama. xD <3

I have a balanced mixture of shojo and shonen manga that I've read, but I love slice of life series the most. Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star, Minami-ke, K-on, Hyakko, and Nichijou ftw! =D

In addition, I love K-pop. <3 2NE1 and Big Bang are the groups I mostly listen to, but I have a thing for groups in JYP Entertainment. ;D

Uh...what else... I'm new into graphic making so if anyone can give me any advice, I'd really appreciate it! ;w;

It's really nice to meet everyone~!
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23 / F / R.I.P
Posted 9/28/11 , edited 9/28/11
Ohaider. I was born on December 26, 1994. && I'm currently a sophomore at my high school. I'm just an average girl, living in a boring life. I like making gfx, but I'm not professionally good at it, YET. But I have a tutor that is helping me and grading my work. (: I love all k-pop and j-pop. My favorite animes of all time, in no order, are : Bleach, D-Gray Man, Sket Dance, Beelzebub, Vampire Knight, Ao no Excorcist, and many others. I love mangas, WHEN its FOR YAOI :DDD I like other mangas too, but most of them i only read mangas IF ITS ROMANCE ...yes....XD LOL Or if i want a sneak peak of what might happen for the anime. :P. ; ; Well for more about me, just add me. [:
Posted 10/7/11 , edited 10/7/11
Annyeonghasehyo~!!! I'm Etsuko Chan, born February 1993!! And I live in England...Really boring here = . = I want to live in Korea so bad~! I love making GFX (It's addicting sometimes lolz xD) I love drawing Anime, it's my passion <3 I love Korean fashion, they have some cute clothes x3 I LOVE Kpop, it's my addiction~!!! <333 I love, love, love U-Kiss~!!! *Fangirl squel* So, before I go crazy talking about U-Kiss...I better...Stop talking all together loool xD Soo, baii baii~!! ^-^
Posted 1/6/12 , edited 1/7/12
Hello there, I'm Aoi, I was born June 10 1991. I enjoy making GFX, reading Manga, watching Anime and playing video games in my spare time. My fave Animes are:Gintama, Beelzebub, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, SKET Dance and Rosario+Vampire. Mangas I like are:Dawn of the Arcana, The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross, and many more. I love playing the Rune Factory series. It's a pleasure meeting everyone ^.^ .
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20 / F / crying because i'...
Posted 2/12/12 , edited 2/12/12
Hello! I'm Sakura-san but you can call me another nickname! My birthday is July 30.
My favorite types of anime are: Romantic comedy,comedy,action,and adventure. But I really like any. ^o^ I need more anime to watch! o3o lol I LOVE to laugh and I LOVE sweets. XD I listen to anime music,J-pop,or Vocaloid. I like alot of things,same with my dislikes. My favorite colors are Black, Blue, and Silver. (I'm not Goth or Emo) I'm really random too. LOL XD
Posted 4/20/12 , edited 4/20/12
What's up my name is Gray but I go by Grimm. Bday is June 1. I love to eat I actually eat all the time XD. I like almost all animes. I enjoy playing on my ps3. I haven't been active on CR for a long but I really like it Nice to meet everyone
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