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Would you own a Pit Bull
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32 / M / Glendale, AZ
Posted 8/6/11 , edited 8/7/11
While I agree that Pit Bulls (while it does serve as a name for similar breeds, the American Pit Bull Terrier is the "real" one.
"Breed Glossary
(Definitions of related terms.)

Words that are typically used to describe a "type" of dog and not a
specific breed will not be capitalized.)

American Bulldog (AB)--Typically larger than the Pit Bull, this is a breed
that was created from bulldogs brought over to America from England
early in the 1900's. Generally this breed is mostly white, with or without
solid or brindle patches, and should have uncropped ears. Fanciers of
this breed often claim this is the "orignal" bulldog. While it may very well
be a close representation of the "breed that started it all", the AmBull is
actually a relatively new breed, and should be considered a "recreation"
of the APBT's very close ancestor..

American Bully--(Workin' on it! Check back soon.)

American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT)--The full, correct name for the breed
commonly referred to by its nick name, "Pit Bull". This is a purebred
breed of dog, recognized by the United Kennel Club (UKC) and the
American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA).

American Staffordshire Terrier (AST)--Also known as AmStaff. A
purebred breed of dog recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).
All AmStaffs are direct descendants of American Pit Bull Terriers. No
other breed was used in the establishment of the AmStaff. Some people
still consider AmStaffs and Pit Bulls to be one and the same. AmStaffs
my be registered with the UKC as "American Pit Bull Terriers".

Bloodline--A bloodline is a fairly recognizable, related "family tree" of
dogs, usually produced by a specific kennel, or "foundation dog" from
which it has its origins. A specific bloodline should produce offspring that
have fairly predictable and somewhat unique conformation and
temperament traits, within the scope of what is normal for the breed.
Bloodlines are named, sometimes after specific dogs from which the
foundation was started, othertimes from the kennel of origin. Examples:
the Jeep bloodline, from which the famous pit dog Garrett's/Crenshaw's
Champion Jeep is the foundation, or White Rock, which is a kennel
based out of Texas with a recognizable "family tree" of dogs.

Breaking stick--A smoothed out piece of wood with a flat end used to
pry open the jaws of a dog that is gripping something. This tool is
typically associated with dog fighters, but possession of a breaking stick
is by no means an automatic indication of illegal activity. Responsible Pit
Bull owners would do well to keep one handy at all times, "just in case".

Bulldog, (English)--Capitalized. This is the breed registered with the
AKC as simply "Bulldog". It is a very old breed, and in it's original form,
this was the dog that helped largely create the APBT. However, the
modern day Bulldog is so radically different from the original version,
that it is virtually a completely new breed, barely resembling the old
time bulldog of English bull-baiting fame. For more information on the
Bulldog, click here.

Bulldog--Not capitalized Some breed fanciers tend to refer to their
APBTs as "bulldogs". Realize that "bulldog" is more a classification than
any sort of official name or even a nick-name. Just as there are many
"types" of retrievers, hounds, or terriers, there are a number of breeds
that fall under the heading of "bulldog". Also, many people believe that
the APBT is the closest living replica of the original bulldog, and feel that
the breed got "cheated" when the name was officially given to that
OTHER bulldog, the English version recognized by the AKC. In casual
conversation, the name still gets used quite frequently in reference to
the APBT.

Bull Terrier (BT)--The "Budweiser dog", very often mistaken for a Pit
Bull. This breed was developed by crossing Pit Bulls with the Dalmation,
Pointer and white English terriers. It is similar in build and close in size
to the Pit Bull, but it's head--being egg-shaped--is the feature that sets
it apart from other similar breeds. The Bull Terrier is recognized by the
AKC. For more information on the breed, go here.

Gamedog/Gamebred--A dog/bloodline that has been proven in the pit
to be "game". Use of this term without dogs in the first few generations
and beyond having been fought is erroneous and/or fraudulent.
Beware breeders that boast "gamebred" dogs - they are either
lying/uninformed, or involved in dog fighting.

Gameness--The exact definition of "gameness" varies greatly
depending upon whom you ask. However, most Pit Bull fanciers can
agree that this is the single most important trait the APBT possesses,
and without the gameness, the dog is just a shell of what it should be.
In the most general sense of the term, gameness can be described as
"an unwillingness to give up, even under the most difficult of
circumstances and despite the threat of death." Good breeders strive to
preserve this trait in their dogs through some sort of working activity,
be it stock work, bite sports, weight pulling, Iron Dog trials, etc. While
some fanciers insist that the only way to preserve "real" gameness is in
the fighting pit, modern society and humane attitudes dictate that we
look to other ways to preserve the stable, tenacious, working
temperament of the breed. Hot debates have raged as to whether or
not this is even possible. However in a society in which dog fighting is
not only illegal but morally objectionable, faniciers/breeders would do
well to come together and unite in common agreement as to what can
be done LEGALLY to preserve this most noble of breeds before it is too
late and the true working Pit Bulldog is just a memory of the past. (It
should be noted that gameness does NOT equal dog-aggression.)

Pit Bull--Capitalized. The nick name of the breed known as the
American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT). The only breed that can rightfully be
called a Pit Bull is the APBT. Any other use of the name is in fact

Pit bull--Not capitalized. Also, pitbull, pittbull, and pitt bull. Used to
describe Pit Bulls and any other similar, related, or look-a-like breed or
mix. Also sometimes used to describe any type of dog used for pit
fighting. Although it is technically incorrect to call anything but a
purebred APBT a Pit Bull, use of the term "pit bull" to describe a specific
group of dogs has become so commonplace in certain circles that I felt
the need to include it in the list of definitions. Breeds that are typically
referred to as pit bulls (including in breed-specific legislation): American
Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull
Terriers, Bull Terriers and American Bulldogs, also any mix of the above
mentioned breeds, or dogs that look similar to the above mentioned

Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT)--A close relative of the Pit Bull and
AmStaff. When the bull-and-terrier crosses were being made in the
1800's, certain strains that stayed in England developed into the SBT.
Eventually, the SBT made its way to America where it was later
recognized by the AKC. This breed is a bit smaller than the Pit Bull and
AmStaff, never has cropped ears, and as a rule tends to be much less
dog-aggressive (although some strains have retained that traditional
combat-dog nature). For more information on the SBT, check out The
Stafford Exchange."

While I don't blame people for confusing breeds the AmStaff with Pits, I too would feel weird misidentifying a Chihuahua as a Pit Bull (saw that somewhere on a Pit appreciation site) or something like that.

Most important point: Because dogs are descended from wolves and that many were bred for bloody sport events, they would more aggressive than breeds like Labradors. However, any breed can be vicious but the Pit and ones that carry "Mastif" in their name might be more aggressive than many other breeds.

Don't ban a breed outright from a city/state/country (Google the trash that is breed specific legislation. Certain parts of city like neighborhoods should have limitations is what I agree with.

Something that many of those Pit Bull haters might overlook: The very person that brought the Akita to the US in the late 30s, the great Helen Keller, had a Pit Bull.
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25 / F / Insert Tampon Here.
Posted 8/6/11 , edited 8/7/11
Hell yeah any day. Pitbulls are loyal animals. More loyal than a man could ever be.
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27 / F
Posted 8/6/11 , edited 8/7/11
Yeah, I've always wanted a pitbull. But it's really hard finding a place that accepts pets, let alone pitbulls.

& where I live they don't accept them
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M / Crapsack World
Posted 8/6/11 , edited 8/7/11
I heard that Pit Bulls can be a fierce guard dog. I wonder if it is true....
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32 / M / Glendale, AZ
Posted 8/6/11 , edited 8/7/11
They have even been called nanny dogs:

Not testing Pit Bull aggression:

Another one from my home state that gives more positive views:

Heroic Pit of Canada facing death:

Underweight Pit saved:

AmStaffs compared to Pits:
Posted 8/6/11 , edited 8/7/11
Why not?

I love Pit bulls and Dobermans! any kind of dog but those are my favorites. I have a Labrador and a golden retriever, love them to death. But my friend has a pit bull and that dog is such a sweet heart, same as the owner^^ it all comes down to the owner and how they raise their dogs.
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Posted 8/6/11 , edited 8/7/11
My dog's a bullmastiff, 115 pounds last time I took it to get it groomed and pretty god damn evil looking.

A different breed from bulldogs then pitbulls but still one of those "can rip you apart if it wanted to" ones I suppose.

He's really good with people and pretty calm. Been around people and other animals since he was young so he's pretty used to it all.

He does have the guard dog in him so he's pretty apprehensive to strangers coming inside, but nothing violent.

Like all dogs, depends how they where trained/grew up really.
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24 / F / Tities
Posted 8/7/11 , edited 8/7/11
YES they seem super sweet
Posted 8/7/11 , edited 8/7/11

PhoungSeppuku wrote:

Hell yeah any day. Pitbulls are loyal animals. More loyal than a man could ever be.

So you'd hump a pit?
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29 / M / California
Posted 8/7/11 , edited 8/7/11
"For over 100 years pitbulls were “America’s Dog”, known for intelligence, faithfulness, sweetness of disposition, and most of all the quality they became renown for, being the safest and most trustworthy dog with children.
This gentle breed, once the country’s mascot and it’s safest canine babysitter, we are now told are vicious, uncontrollable monsters so dangerous they need to be legislated against.
The dogs of course are exactly the same.
Only the owners have changed."

Good read Pitbulls are great dogs.
Posted 8/7/11 , edited 8/7/11
I wanted one that was being put to sleep... He was freakishly huge, he looked to be about 220+ pounds, mostly muscle, and could probably fit my head into his mouth easily. Coolest looking dog I had ever seen.
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Posted 8/7/11 , edited 8/7/11

dirgelament wrote:

PhoungSeppuku wrote:

Hell yeah any day. Pitbulls are loyal animals. More loyal than a man could ever be.

So you'd hump a pit?

i would definitely make passionate doggy style sex with my pitbull.
Posted 8/7/11 , edited 8/7/11
Yeah, I would. I love animals. Cats, dogs, so on. Pitbulls are just misunderstood. I've always found their crunched up faces and tiny noses charming. :P

Posted 8/7/11 , edited 8/7/11
no, I don't mind them but if I was gonna get a dog it would be a husky or maybe a doberman. But I'm a cat person so its a moot point.
Posted 8/7/11 , edited 8/7/11

Nah...I prefer small pets like hamsters or hermit crabs
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