MMORPG Addiction...
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Posted 8/7/11 , edited 8/7/11
Yep, I wasted a whole year of my life cooped up in a little dark room hiding from the light, trying to get away from real life, lost the wife, and kid (for a while.) LOLZ I got demoted at work and lost my manager spot cause I wasn't sleeping and didn't care anymore! After they were gone I didn't have anything else for months. What broke the cycle? She took so much $$ for child support, I couldn't keep the lights on... yeah, I paid my internet that month, before the lights or house note, smart huh?

Reality is the 800lb gorilla in the corner of the room, and when he got mad he peeled me like a banana! It took almost a year of working two jobs (with no internet) and some good friends to help me climb up out of the pit I dug myself. I'm good now years later, got multiple rental properties, A wonderful new GF and, best of all, my son. I don't do mmorpg anymore, I really don't even play online shooters because its to hard for me.... I still get requests from old buddies who want me to come back, and you know what, just like a junkie, I still gotta stop myself.

Does anyone have a similar story? I've heard other's do, but I'm just curious if anyone here would like to share.
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Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11
Wow. That's really bad. But it's cool that you managed to overcome it and it seems like you're doing good now. ^^;;

I wouldn't really call myself addicted because no matter what I usually fizz out. But there have definitely been periods where I've probably played MMORPG's for a lot longer than were probably healthy. Like - when I was younger, one summer I played Maple-story from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep for like an entire week. But yeah, like I said, these spells almost always fizz out and I eventually get bored and go back to real life. Haven't played an MMORPG in like a year now...oh well. I use to be really involved and invest a lot of time in a game called Rise of Nations too - that went on for like a year (not night to day, just a lot of time) but that eventually got boring too. Though I do still have a lot of friends / talk to a lot of people whom I met with that game who ask me to come back from time to time.
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Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/9/11
Could spend 48 hours or more without even feel sleepy at all when i'm on gaming mode ;; Probably I'm more worst than you

Seriously, I just cooped up in my room day and night, locking my door, just to play my favorite game ever O__O! Sometimes i go out from my room, sneaky steal up some food at kitchen then head back to my room. Could i say this is one kind of addiction to game, more likely addiction to MMORPG. Gah, can't stand seeing my friends / pal keep rushing their level higher than me. Highstreet5, Cabal, Flyff.... Damn, those game can make me non-stop facing away directly from my monitor !! Sometimes, i ever mention mention that game to my course mate eventhough they didn't play it at all . Yet, I'm still able to finish any of my assignment given from my lecturer.
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Posted 8/11/11 , edited 8/11/11
My story isn't quite as bad as yours is blade.
Starting at age 15 i started playing World of Warcraft. At first i was just playing in my free time, nothing huge. Then i made friends, and i started playing more and more, pushing things i should have been doing out of the way. I started failing in school because i wasn't doing my homework. After a year my parents got tired of it and said they were not paying for it anymore, so i dropped out of school and got a part time job to pay for my stuff. Around 18 they said i needed to start paying them monthly to live there, rent. So i started to have to work more hours. I lost my job when one of the expansions came out because i called out of work for a few days straight.
Well around halfway through 19 i realized i had dug myself into a deep freaking hole. I had no no money, no education, no friends (except for the ones i had made online).
I finally quit, registered to take the GED test (passed my first try with very good scores). Moved out, applied for financial aid for school (i barely receive anything), and now i am attending college for a degree in medical sciences. I still hope to this day i haven't fucked up too badly to make up for. My internet friends are always wanting me to come back and say they need me, but i adamantly refuse. I had someone change my account password and the email address for my account, and i threw away my disc's.

I can honestly say i am happier now. I work part time, go to school full time, in a relationship and i no longer look like a zombie. At first i was shy in public, never spoke up in my first few college classes, but now i can safely say i fit in pretty well. I still play my xbox, not too much. Most of the time i spend on there i am watching netflix since i don't have cable.
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Posted 8/16/11 , edited 8/17/11
Well, I'd say you found out that you can't control yourself with these games before it was too late... though it did do a lot of damage to your life and I'm sorry to hear that. As a gamer who plays lots of different games including MMORPGs, addiction to them is something that I will admit that I do not understand. It's not like alcohol or heroin on a chemical level, so why can't the people who play for hours and hours on end learn how to moderate it as a regular hobby? Hearing stories like yours opens my mind a bit more to the concept. The only time I take issue with the idea is when people try to blame the games for being too addictive. I always think to myself that if you can become addicted to a video game to the point where it ruins your life, then you can become addicted to anything... what makes more sense to blame, the game or the person?

Good luck, and maybe some day you will learn to play MMOs in moderation... they can be fun.
Posted 8/17/11 , edited 8/18/11
Never really gotten into mmorpgs.... But the first thing I would do in any mmorpg is hoard gold =/
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