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Posted 8/7/11 , edited 8/9/11
Puchi VIP Card

If you don't feel like paying each time you purchase ice cream and deserts, the best thing for you to do is get a Puchi VIP Card. A Puchi VIP Card is basically a card with REWARDS! Each time you purchase ice cream/deserts, your card is stamped. When you get to your 7th purchase, its FREE! Simply upload 10 pics each month OR play at least 1 game a week for a month. Go to the Bill Center Thread to show proof for your payment! See below for the info and policy.


❖ pay before use of each month
❖ changes may be made without notice
❖ you may remove your card from this program if you change your mind
❖ without the card posted at the request thread, you will have to pay regularly
❖ each ice cream/dessert price is 1 picOR play 1 game WITH the card


❖ You are able to receive free stuff
❖ You are able to participate in VIP events
❖ You receive special newsletters

DOB (no year) :
Today's Date:
Colorize:(yes/no; if yes, wat color)
ID # (7 numbers)
Payment with proof (first price is 8 pics in Bill Center Album):

Example of card:

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