100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Megaman Legends
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Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11
If you're a fan of lighthearted anime-styled video games...

...Or are unhappy with Capcom's recent decisions...

...Or just happen to be a fan of Megaman:

We NEED your help! Or that is, Megaman needs your help!

Fans from the world over are converging on this Facebook page to show their support for Capcom's recently cancelled project, Mega Man Legends 3. Our numbers are in the tens of thousands, and continue to grow daily. Please lend us your strength, and Like the Facebook page:

100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3

You might be wondering, why is this important to so many people? Why should I care?

Well, after almost 10 long years of fans waiting from an unresolved cliffhanger in Legends 2, Capcom decided to revive the series with Legends 3. Check out this hilarious video from a fangirl, who shows how a few generations of her life passed waiting for the game, and how floored she was to find out that the series was finally being finished.

Capcom even went a step further: they invited fans to participate in a community thinktank for a year, and thousands of people around the world dedicated themselves to creative thinking, discussion and development of different key aspects of the game, from dialogue to character design to gameplay aspects. There were competitions and votes, lots of friendships built in that time, and lots of heart and passion poured into this work... not only from fans, but also from the Japanese/American developers, who fought tooth and nail to bring this game back from the grave. You can check out the months of development work and passion shown in their MML3 DEV ROOM, where the developers and fans collaborated (if anything, check it out to get a neat insider look at Capcom's development process: they share about things like the design/development process, 3D modelling, voice acting recording/casting, the funny things developers do like cosplay, the works!).

Why all the love for a decade old franchise that was only a moderately successful cult classic? Simply put, it's undeniably a series that's all heart, cherished by most everyone who's ever played it. It's the spirit and essence of innocent adventure, spinning to the brim with wit, charm, and loveable characters (not to mention funny bath-scenes! XD). The Retronauts writer from 1UP summed it up very well in his recent article about the Megaman Legends series: it's a game with heart.

The original creator of Megaman, Keiji Inafune, even went so far as to say that amongst Megaman games, Legends was his favorite incarnation of the Blue Bomber. He's even been quoted as saying: "[My favorite game is] Mega Man Legends, a title that really didn't sell well in the Mega Man franchise."

This game was a labor of love for the Capcom dev team and fans. If you long for a time when game developers weren't just milking money with franchise cash cows, but actually cared to make something incredibly special, well, Megaman Legends was that game.

All this... only for everyone involved to have the rug pulled out from under them, and the project cancelled by executives who could only say the game "didn't meet their criteria", and then proceeded to swiftly brush it all under the rug. Capcom Europe even went on to shift blame to the fans in careless, offhand twitter remarks, for not supporting the project enough.

So now a lot of gamers around the world are seriously peeved. In a recent poll at GameFAQs, Capcom was rated second amongst hated video game developers, hated almost as much as Activision. The art designers for the upcoming Skullgirls video game were openly disappointed with this news, and so drafted art voicing their disappointment.

Is it hopeless? No. We have hope. And as of my last check, we already have over 39,000 fans behind us. Not to mention, there's a possibility that Cyberconnect2 (who worked on .hack, the Naruto gaming franchise, Solatorobo, and are currently working with Capcom on Asura's Wrath) might actually take the reins and finish work on Megaman Legends 3, as the CEO openly offered to do so, saying "I really like the series!".

So let's show Capcom that revolutionary spirit, and that Legends never die! Help bring Megaman back from the wastebin of history. Please join us, and follow along on the Facebook page 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3 for all updates on the movement. Or if you're really interested, join Capcom's MML3 DEV ROOM, where you can get a cool Servbot number and show directly to the Capcom ranks that there is a market for this game.

Thank you so much!
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11
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