Use your best 'pick up line' to 'pick up' the person below you ;)
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11

okayy so heres the game, tell your best pickup line and the person below you will either say: if they like it or if they will ditch it then they will say their pickup line and it can go on and on and on lol :)

heres an example:

User1: are you a keyboard? Because your just my TYPE ;)

User2: ditch -_-
Are you a driver? coz' your driving me insane xD

user3: Date (or any other comment) ----INSERT PICKUP LINE HERE----



I forgot my phone number. Can I have yours?
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11
my penis is urs
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11

I may not be the best looking girl in the room, but I'm the only one talkin' to you >=)

Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11
I see right through you
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