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Anime with a "smooth" animation?
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Posted 8/21/11 , edited 8/22/11

Chiibihime wrote:


Of course, I'm not saying that cartoons are superior to anime in terms of storyline, character development, etc. I'm simply saying that cartoons have smoother animation, generally, especially when compared to anime with a relative budget, i.e. low-budget cartoon compared with low-budget anime (it's actually very, very different).

That's great and all but I STILL can't tell the difference in smoothness when just observing the two. I don't know how others can.

Skylark's right. It's like this; generally, the more a car costs, the smoother the ride. It's the same with anime.
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Posted 9/6/11 , edited 9/6/11

Chiibihime wrote:

That's great and all but I STILL can't tell the difference in smoothness when just observing the two. I don't know how others can.

@OP - I'll get back on topic later on in this post with some actually good recommendations.

@Chibihime - I rediscovered something good. Explains the whole process, and shows the difference, even in Anime by itself. Watch the first vid.

Although it's comparing Anime to Anime, most Anime (omg three "Anime" in a row) are animated like the first Naruto scene shown (Although exaggerated, but if you've never seen scenes like that you're range is too narrow). Very, very rarely, will you have "Sakuga" scenes throughout the whole anime. They usually take the form of animation bumps. However, American Anime are usually at the level of animation quality and smoothness of the second Naruto scene, even though the scenes are not fight scenes.

the_song_of_anime wrote:

Finally, @OP - I think it was mentioned before, but "Sakuga" anime is what you are looking for. Watch the top vid in the link I just posted at about 3:45 onwards. 3 pretty good examples.

The first is "Sword of the Stranger", and the others are pretty obvious.

If you searched up "Sakuga anime" in google. You'll find a lot of names of anime, movies, and OVA's. Here's a link to get you started (TV series' are near the middle). I scanned the list quickly, and it was pretty good.

A quick list... from scanning
Cowboy Bebop
Dennou Coil
Tengen Toppa
Xam'd Lost Memories (Bounen no Xam'd)
The Vision of Escaflowne + Movie

Also, contrary to popular belief, Naruto's animation was done quite well, especially the movies.

P.S. Looking back on it now, lots of old anime actually have much, much better animation quality and smoothness than the new ones... Such is the affect of Moe Decadence as of late, with anime leaning much more towards the "Slice of Life" and "Drama" side of things... There really wasn't anything really good in animation quality this season (that I've seen)... Although I'm sorta looking forward to Sunrise's "Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere" next season. The fight scenes in the trailer looked pretty good.
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