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Posted 8/9/11 , edited 8/10/11
The often overly elaborate but sometimes astoundingly simple lines and brushstrokes that inhabit the peripherals of our drawings, and the underrated homes to our imaginations~!

They ground us in the worlds of our favorite characters, and they inspire whole new worlds within our minds. Be they rich city scenes full of life and age culminating in a tangible sense of heritage and thriving culture for all lucky enough to dwell inside, or lush forests of branches bounding over one another in reach of the elusive sky and it's infinite bounty, or scorched deserts of remote alien planets self-sterilizing themselves of all lifeforms continuously until the end of time, or grandiose castles set aloft by ancient wizards tapping into forbidden powers assumed sleeping, or caverns carved from water now-gone and replaced with fields of mushroom and crystal, or worn old pirate ships sailing off to seas uncharted to all maps save a set of stolen napkins scrawled upon in illegible chicken scratch, or mayhaps... it could just be a simple bowl of fruit. This is a topic for things that are not our beloved characters, but also all things that may contain them; or rather it is a topic for all things in the worlds they live in. Being ether of your own original creation or fanart of places in other stories you've grown attached to.

All skill levels from kindergarten to Bob Ross are welcome and ~encouraged~ to post. Regardless of whatever their medium or style of art may be. (Oh, and I guess if you draw from reality you can post too. Just to clarify that. It seemed like there was a bit of a preference towards the fictional, huh? Ha ha)

Also, you should definitely feel free to post tutorials if you want! A lot of people who are just starting to draw backgrounds want a little help, and you'd probably make their day if you gave it to them!! ( Also I'd personally love to see some of the artists here improve as well. Whenever an artist has a breakthrough It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.)


Oh, and to take the pressure off the first poster, I'll go first:

Might as well start with a colorful one, right? (Oh and yeah, I had this in the other thread. I spam-posted that one. Sorry. XD)
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Posted 8/10/11 , edited 8/10/11
No double posting - first poster pressure removed.
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