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I meant to reply to a post, but since it got so long, I'll open another thread. It's my nature to be longwinded. I like to illustrate, so bear with me.


It's been mentioned many times, people who earn their way into heaven will not go to heaven. Those who want to by their own works earn their way to heaven will have to be firstly judged by the Law, which God clearly says that all man will NOT qualify. Jesus is the New covenant of Grace.

Only grace and Law. Hagar and Sarah. Hagar means law, sarah means grace. If you choose to reject grace, you fall FROM grace to be UNDER the law. Why would you, when you're already at the high place, want to go down to labour for something that has already been given? Grace is that you receive. Law for those who want to WORK for it.

But, does this mean if I do good i won't go to heaven?

No, if you do good BECAUSE your final motive is that you think you can outsmart God that by doing good he'll have no choice but to pass you then it's not going to work. He looks at hearts, not our faces. He's offering you Jesus as the way to Heaven! Why stay there like a stubborn kid, refusing?

Then WHY can't I do good? Fuck, can't I do good because I want to, dammit *spit*

Who says you can't? But like I said, you do good because in your heart is overflowing abundance of Love, that you extend this love to others. Man don't know what kind of love this is, until they've received God's spirit. The love that man knows of is the imitation of Love that Satan has prepared.

Are you saying that this love is actually evil? HOW DARE YOU! I love my dog, my kids dearly! You dogmatic asshole!

It's not evil, like money or the law, they are not evil. They are temporal. Have you noticed that many people in the world seek things they never seem to be able to find? They have quotes like 'love and happiness is something money cannot buy'. Why then, if the perceived most difficult thing to attain in most people's minds today- money, is not required for these two things, happiness and love, THEN WHY IS IT THAT NOBODY HAS FOUND IT APART FROM GOD? It's not bought with money right? THEN? Why oh why, do you have those kind of pessimistic statements like, love is nothing but bitterness, sweet on the outside rotten on the inside?

Those statements are only from people who've failed and try to discourage people from finding the very thing they've failed to find. They manufacture it into some coin phrase as a way to live life, but actually it's nothing more than a sour grape expressing his lack of love.

Oh if you say, Oh, once I've bought this gorgeous Wii I'll be really happy! Oh yes, you'll be happy. But once your hand is removed from the wii controller, you become bitter, because it's out of your reach. You become bitter when you are not consuming the product that you perceive would give happiness.

Then 3 months later Wii 2.5 comes along and their love changes.

Oh, I LOVE my BF <3 and he LOVES ME <3 <3<3<3...


Why are people searching for the PERFECT model of a girl or guy that fits man's ideas of 'perfection'? They lust, and think that once they've gotten their hands on the OMG SHE'S BOOTYLICIOUS girl of their dreams they move on to other girls like that? Most of the models in the fashion industry change boyfriends a lot, and guys often cheat on their model or celeb partners.

So maybe you're the PERFECT figure any person would want, with the PERFECT face any person would like. Do you keep your appearance this way because you love yourself? Or you hope with these qualifications, you'll find a good partner?

Let's go with option 1. Say you love yourself, great! We all love self confident people. So.. once you're stripped of your accessories and clothes do you still love yourself? Would you still love yourself once you are out of shape? Will nicer looking apparel make you love yourself more? I believe if you truly love yourself, it doesn't matter what the heck you wear. God loves you this way.

Option 2: So you've got perfect qualifications, and snagged a perfect partner. Do you stick with him or her for long? Yes, good for you. But if you can truly look in yourself, can you say that once you've found someone you think is perfect you are truly satisfied and won't look any further? Will you, with all your perfect qualifications not seek for another BETTER catch after tiring of the person you have now?

Both are not satisfied. When you get it, it only lasts for a short time. It's sad if love depends on something you see, or are of the outward appearance. If you are married and have children of your own, that kind of love you give to your child is probably the closest it can get to what God's love is. But even at times, parents can be frustrated with their kids.

Love demanded from a person is not inexhaustible. God's supply is ALWAYS unlimited. Man can only imitate the feeling of love, because we are God's creation afterall, we have some idea to long for love.

The imitation fruits from S.A.Tan, have expiry dates. He's some sort of cheat. He gets you to buy it with something, then when you have it, it expires, and you're left wanting more. The most successful billionaires, or those who've experienced all the joys they could, are left wanting for more.

Sheol is never satisfied, neither is man.

God's love, is given once, and is forever there. It's the real Prada, real Volkswagen, people. Once you have this prada bag, no other fake pradas will get you to buy it. You'll laugh at the pathetic attempts that liarbug S.A.Tan tries. Even his best salesman pitch won't tempt you.

Even better, God has unlimited supply of it. You have now with you, real pradas, real volkswagens. Yay. Click on 'share' button?


But why some Christians frustrate themselves, because their friends refuse that prada. They have a mountain load of fake goods, and want to try to save money to buy more that S.A.Tan has sold to them, hoping that one of these might be real. And what's worse is that S.A.Tan has business associates who sell different designs of the original iPod. And they do advertising everyday so you can't get it out of your head.

So what I'm saying, is that I have the Volkswagen. I'm offering you the name card of the giver. Would you accept? The condition is, once you accept this namecard and call that guy who picks up the phone, that guy, is a jealous guy.

He doesn't really want you to continue buying fako stuffs, and stick with HIS brand, you are not to separate the gifts from the giver, they are the one. Are you a loyal customer?
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That's awesome. I loved it. XD.
I'll take it!
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