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Posted 8/10/11 , edited 8/11/11

1)Please don't just jump sides because you've 'realize what you were doing was wrong and you now feel bad. If you want to be with the Guardians as well make another character.
2) Please, everyone don't make a Utau and Ikuto duo thing.
3) Respect that you are with Easter. It's not fair to loyal members to have a rat on their side; Guardian will eventually and most likely gain higher numbers.
4) If you have literally no intetion of stealing a chara do not make a Easter Character.
5) Please everyone, don't make too much of a sob story

I will answer your questions if you're confused. Thanks for reading.
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Posted 8/29/11 , edited 8/29/11
Hey! I just applied to be a spy for Easter, and I'm waiting to get accepted..... Don't worry, I'll feel bad at first, but after a while, I'll get the hang of it and become a good little spy, lol. I just need more info for my character, since I currently have no ideas. Sorry
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