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Crunchyroll keeps asking me to log in...
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Posted 8/11/11 , edited 8/11/11
Thanks, BasouKazuma.
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Posted 8/11/11 , edited 8/11/11
Was happening to me too > < ;
Posted 8/11/11 , edited 8/12/11
I didn't know he came back... but he deleted his account earlier.
Posted 3/14/12 , edited 3/14/12

BasouKazuma wrote:

We intentionally logged everyone out after we fixed the error to keep things clean. That would be why there was a random logout for people.

I guess that explains the logging out. But how about the history. It seems all the watched episodes are showing up as unwatched now, which is really annoying, since now, I can't really tell which ones I have watched, especially when I have not watched some series in a while.

I am hesitating on resetting my Roku player, because if I do that, I would have to set everying up all over again.

Another thing is the little stars on the thumbnails. It used to be that only the latest episode would have a star on it. Now, there are little stars and little crowns all over the place. Could you please tell me what they mean?

And what happened to the right-to-left order on the on-going series, and the left-to-right on the completed series. I liked that system. I thought it was a nice system which lets the user know "by feel." Now, it is hard to tell without seeing the "Coming Soon" screen.


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