Post Reply Is Tsunku playing it safe with Berryz Koubou?
Posted 8/12/11 , edited 1/1/12

OK i will post what se put on her blog Credits go to i will post again Her review in the first spoiler, and in the second spoiler what she has about herself on her blog. READ EVERYTHING FIRST BEFORE YOU COMMENT I agree with what she say about maybe 99%, that doesn't mean you have to, just let us know what you think about it, if u think she right or not, but DO NOT post anything about about the girl who made this comment. she is just telling us what she feels as you can see is mentioned in the About.

The Review

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I think she was a little harsh...But, I also agree with what she says, becuase Berryz kobo has the bad girl image, kinda lke the pussy cat dolls only not as flashy..
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