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Hey all andy1 here join me here on Sunday for the Coverage of this years Summerslam 2011 from LA.

Will confirm the PPV card as it finalises .

Well unfortunatly just before the PPV started I started suffering Internet connection issues and due to the bad weather where I am had no time to go to a internet cafe as backup.

So aplogises for the live report not occuring but as a comprermise I'll post the results here and give my thoughts on what occured and highlight any backstage stuff that occured.

Results via

Six Man Tag Team Match
Rey Mysterio, John Morrison & Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz, R-Truth & Alberto Del Rio

Match Result: Rey Mysterio defeats R-Truth with a top rope splash.
Match Length: 9:40

(Not shocked that this match was added though would have liked some build towards.Rey must be over the knee injury picked up last week and builds him up for the title match on Raw he has scheduled.)

*CM Punk is in the back having a word with John Laurinaitis, but Laurinaitis leaves only for STEPHANIE MCMAHON to arrive on the scene. Stephanie wishes Punk good luck tonight and says that her husband and her father wish Punk good luck as well. She offers to shake hands with Punk, but Punk declines. "I know where that hand has been."

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry
Match Result: Mark Henry defeats Sheamus by count-out.
Match Length: 9:22

(I had a feeling this match would not have a decsive ending.Now to see if one or both men get into the SD title picture)

Divas Championship Match
Kelly Kelly (Champion) w/ Eve Torres vs. Beth Phoenix w/ Natalya
Match Result: Kelly Kelly defeats Beth Phoenix with a roll-up pin after countering the Glam Slam.
Match Length: 6:48

(Well K2 retains though I expect both Beth and Natalya to contine the chase for the next months)

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett
Match Result: Wade Barrett defeats Daniel Bryan with Wasteland.
Match Length: 11:47

( Am a bit disapointed Bryan lost but Barrett needs a win after a less succesfull previous few weeks.Will be intresting to see where both guys are heading in the coming months)

*Christian makes his way down to the ring and announces that his game changing surprise is that tonight he will have a special enforcer in his corner. It's going to be his best friend… EDGE! EDGE IS HERE! EDGE IS HERE! EDGE IS HERE! Edge pops the crowd, makes his way down to the ring, and grabs a mic. When he retired, he thought he was passing the torch to Christian. He thought he had opened the door just a crack for Christian and that Christian had kicked it all the way down. But then Christian lost the title and begged and pleaded and whined. He was only able to regain the title by disqualification, and that was disgraceful. Edge says that he will always be Christian's best friend, but he needs to tell Christian something because Christian won't listen to anyone else. Edge tells Christian that he's become a whiny little .. before storming out of the ring and heading to the back. That brings Randy Orton to the ring, and it's time for the World Heavyweight Championship Match.

No Holds Barred Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Christian (Champion) vs. Randy Orton
Match Result: Randy Orton defeats Christian with a mid-air RKO onto the ring steps.
Match Length: 23:48

(Well Christian lasted a few weeks long as champ though still disapointing he lost here.As for Orton I guess he moves on to a new feud possibly with Mark Henry)

Undisputed WWE Championship Match
CM Punk (Champion) vs. John Cena (Champion)

Match Result: CM Punk defeats John Cena with the Go To Sleep.
Punk hits a second Go To Sleep for the three count. Cena's foot was on the ropes, but Triple H didn't see it.
Match Length: 24:14

*Triple H hands the belt to Punk, and Punk celebrates at ringside as Cena has words with Triple H. Cena heads to the back as Punk slides back into the ring. Triple H offers to shake Punk's hand, but Punk declines, so Triple H simply raises Punk's hand in victory. Triple H heads to the back as Punk continues to celebrate in the ring. Punk gets down off the turnbuckle and turns around to find… KEVIN NASH IS IN THE RING! NASH LEVELS PUNK WITH A BIG BOOT AND THEN DESTROYS HIM WITH THE JACKKNIFE POWERBOMB! Alberto Del Rio rushes the ring and cashes in his Money in the Bank contract!

Undisputed WWE Championship Match
CM Punk (Champion) vs. Alberto Del Rio
Del Rio connects with an enzuigiri for the three count.
Match Result: Alberto Del Rio defeats CM Punk with an enzuigiri.
Match Length: 0:05

(Where to start on this one.Punk wins but we have the Cena's leg on the rope miss by HHH so he will have an issue going in to Raw tomorrow with our new COO.Punk then gets taken out by a returning Kevin Nash asumdly as part of a plan by either HHH or Steph to make sure Punk didn;t walk out a 2nd ppv in a row as champ. Alberto cashes in which is fair enough but tomorrow on Raw it seems HHH will have some serious explaining to do to both Cena and Punk)

So there is your Summerslam results.Again I aplogises for not covering Live and hope this mini-anlaysis has helped some what.

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