Your Own Seigaku
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Posted 1/17/08 , edited 7/2/08
Create your own Seigaku Cast by choosing the actor whom you like best from all Generations of Seigaku Regulars. 1-2 actors per character only (a 1st & 2nd choice...though it's better if you choose only one >__<) & then you can explain why, if you want.

Echizen Ryoma -- (name of actor)
Kunimitsu Tezuka -- (name of actor)
Fuji Syuusuke -- (name of actor)
Oishi Shuuichiro -- (name of actor)
Kikumaru Eiji -- (name of actor)
Kawamura Takashi -- (name of actor)
Inui Sadaharu -- (name of actor)
Momoshiro Takeshi -- (name of actor)
Kaidoh Kaoru -- (name of actor)
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