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Posted 8/15/11 , edited 8/16/11

I am a web developer and I love anime, but I find myself hard pressed to find reviews in English about currently airing anime and recently finished anime. Since a few hours of google didnt help in my search, that didnt end on a severely opinionated honorably styled blog that was difficult to read or had horrible writing.

So is there any interest in a website that would be there to provide 3 main simple services:

1. Gather and Assimilate info on shows that will be airing the next quarter (not news or rumors, there are tons of sites for that, like anime news network or here at crunchyroll) this would be a simple list of information that has sources so viewers can easily get a grasp for the shows that are airing next.

2. Give intro based reviews, after the 3rd or 4th episode in a series write a short review with a structured points (not numbers) on how the (writing / story, graphics / animation, sound / audio qualities)

3. After the show has completed a quarter (12 episode span) write another review covering the same points as above this time a little longer but not more than a thousand words or so.

I have yet to invest anything but a few hours into this and just wanted to see if there was interest for it. Let me know of any ideas or criticism that you guys have!

Posted 8/15/11 , edited 8/16/11
i find those blogs or sites a little bit helpful but less interesting, i only use their pictures.

im just saying you need more than that. maybe you can grab some supporters by going mainstream or it will fall faster
try connecting some anime related merchandise that might gain some supporters
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