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Jericho Jack's full story

Before he got his name he used to be called Jack and just Jack, he was born in a primitive time of mostly tribes living in Umoba. Jack was one of his tribes best hunters, he also had a wife and loving family in the village. He was trusted and loved by everyone in his tribe, he always brought back the best animals when he hunted and he shared everything. Jack was very happy with his life in the tribe and thought nothing would go wrong but one day he saw something inexcusable. Even though he was happy, even though he played with his and the other children and talked to everyone in the tribe and helped them the tribe did not have rules on actual marriage, when he returned to his hut he found his love in bed with another hunter in the tribe, before she could stop him and explain he had already ran out of the village. With questions swirling through his head and images keeping rational thought from stopping his legs he kept walking and walking until he heard a voice
"You seem disgruntled......did something happen?" Jack did not know where it was coming from and he walked toward the voice and told it what happened "But there is no law in your tribe that forbids I wrong.....or is there? but that is most definitely a betrayal if she said she was yours only.....but it was also your fault for neglecting her......the images of that scene can't escape your thoughts, to many questions flow through your are about to snap"
Jack soon stumbled into an area filled with strange puddles and not far from him saw a strange black mask sitting in one of the puddles, as he got closer he also noticed that the puddles were pitch black "If you want to forget and make those worries go away put this mask on, all those worries shall disappear"
Jack was hesitant at first but then the images returned along with those questions, he then picked up the mask and without any more hesitation puts it on. The black puddles suddenly shoot toward and into Jacks orifices. Jack fell to his knees, his teeth fell out and were replaced with new ones, razor sharp ones, he then started to laugh insanely "You are right, my worries are gone, and I understand now.....we are now one.....both you and let us be known as Jericho Jack"
Later that same day Jack returned to his village, his love ran up to him with a worried face and tried to explain but was soon stabbed straight through the face with a black spike, and as laughter echoed through the mountains the village soon layed in ruins, corpses everywhere in the village being eaten by black ooze,Jericho jack stood and watched with a huge grin on his face.

Jericho, Jacks devil side, is the ruler of a demon realm that actually consists of four combined realms, Insanity, Madness, Pain, and Sadness since each is closely similar to each other. Jericho's power though is limited because of his host Jack was only human and Jack had no magic flowing through him to relay his true powers but Jericho can over rule that if Jack allows him to take over.
Jericho's appearance is similar to a circus ring leader, but instead of a red outfit he wears a black one and a strange mask. Jericho's feeds off feelings dealing with the four things he controls, but what he feeds off the most is fear because it can cause all three things if done correctly. Jericho's control of his ooze is alot more advanced then how Jack controls, Jack can make anything out of it but it keeps that dark black color while Jericho can actually change the color, texture and feel of the ooze to the extent where he can become invisible to his surroundings and can look like other people. One of Jerichos most terrifying powers though is called Paranoia, it is not an illusion power but more of a physical power, Paranoia makes fears come true, it allows it to manifest into its most dangerous form to attack the victim, what makes the power worse is that if one fears are more mental then it can cause more damage. Jericho, unlike Jack can summon demons through the ooze, these demons are special kinds that look like mere jester puppets and other circus related themes, for Jericho believes that a circus is a very insanity enriched place for its crazy acts and people.

Jericho's mask

Jericho's true form without host body and powered up

Circus related demons
top jester demon

most common jester demon

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The Chosen of Tzeentch

(Under construction)

Cultist: The bottom two ranks, mostly comprised of humans, tempted by the corruption and promise of immortality and power. Their minds are so obsessed with it they would usually make freaky cackles and fanatical praises to their so-called gods. Some are more experienced creating a leading position for those with weaker resolve.

Black Champion: Cultists who have proven themselves worthy of being vanguard material; also comprised of dogged and elite outcasts who joined through 'convincing' offers.

Leader: The head of the entire cult, consultant of the deity the cult worships

Tzeentch the Lord Of Change: The dark entity that the whole cult aims to appease. Said to be a demon lord within the Eye of Terror, the cult hopes to bring him out of that trapped dimension and bring "correctional ruin" to the other world; venerated like a god, even those who don't see much faith shudder at his faint ominous presence.

Black Champions
(In order from weakest to strongest)
1. The Corpses Duaghter, Leonelle
2.The Burnt Farmer, Geno
3.The Mute Noble, Anaby
4.The Bloody Prince, Vasuki
5.The Cursed Huntress, Marissa
6.The Chained Giant, Kanen
7.The Scarred Dragon, Malenko
8.The Tortured King, Zizard
9.The Headless Knight, Fowley
10. The Tragic Couple (Pair because they are actually bound by a curse), Mal and Sig
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The Tortured King's Demon Circle

These are the demons that represent each face of the moon, there are eight in total
Each demon has its own abilities, Each demon stronger than the last but they can not be summoned at the same time, except for the full moon demon who can be summoned with any other demon and also can be used as sacrifices

Full Moon Demon

most commonly used demon and weakest, mostly footsoldier demons

Waxing Moon Demon

A set of demons, this is the armored more scout like demon

Waning moon Demon
Opposite of the Waxing moon demon, used for suicide missions, mainly used to draw out people

First Quarter Moon Demon
Calvary type demon, this demon is smarter than the weaker ones and needs little guidance

Third Quarter Moon Demon
More berserk version of the First Quarter Demon, it is summoned by sacrificing the First Quarter demon

Waxing and Waning Crescent Moon Demons
This Demon is actually two demons, they are mainly shadows and can be seen Behind Zizard most of the time but they work as a team and can be very deadly for there assassin like skills and demonic strength

New Moon Demon
This Demon is the most powerfull of all the demons, not much is known of its powers for it is never used
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The Scarred Dragon: Open for use (taken)

This is A core cult member, just thought I could provide the pic for anybody who would like to be this character, any power, name and bio is up to the person who uses this character.
The Scarred Dragon though is the only member in the Cult that can become more powerful and maybe surpass the 10th position of the core members, that is only because the dragon is from one of the first races of dragons and its species one ability that it must have is its power to consume the life force of plants and vegetation, this ability scars the land which is one of the reason he got his code name

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Wind Sage Path's

Wind Sage's unlike some of the other Sage's are special in the respect that they must choose from two path's, the first path; Sword Path, being a art heavily based on weapon techniques. The second path; Magic Path, being exactly what it sounds like, an art heavily based on magic techniques Both path's have there up's and downs and neither should be underestimated.

Sword Path

The Sword Path, being the path heavily focused on weapon techniques does not limit the Sage to just the sword but also trains the sage in the Wind Sage's bow techs.
It does not however train the Sage in the Ancient Wind and Lighting magic's used by the Magic Path. Although it does not train the Sage's in most Magic's, Skilled Sword Path Follower's have been known to be able to invoke there weapon's giving them the damaging effect of Lighting, or sharpen there blades even further with Air, some have even been known to be able to cast the most basic of Wind Magic's like Lighting bolt or Wind Blade's.

Magic Path

The Magic Path, being the path heavily focused on the Sage's ancient magic's does not limit the sage to just ranged spells but trains the sage in an array of magical ability's that can be used both in close combat and long range. Although they are inferior to a Sword path Follower when it comes to close combat.
On top of this, the Magic path does not train the Sage in any type of weapon techniques, although this is true some Magic Path follower's have been known to make weapons made of wind and of all kinds fall down form the sky impaling there foe's mercilessly, some have even been known to send there foe's flying with the simple touch of there finger's giving the illusion that they hold great physical power's.
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(This post is for informative and recruitment purposes. Please do not assume that non-exorcist charas automatically know what this organization is all about or how it functions in the plot without asking me directly)

The Fists of St. Thomas Official Profile Page

The Fists of Saint Thomas is a Holy yet somewhat secret Order of elite exorcists. It has been Aphellion's main greatest hope against demonic and malevolent forces. Trained in the art of purgation and lead through the immortal teachings of God and Saint Thomas himself, top-of-the-line exorcists are forged to be ever-prepared for combat. Founded by Saint Thomas and the 12 Grey Knights about 2000 years ago, the Order strives to retain the virtues they upheld during the Dark Crusades while also trying to stay technologically ahead of the curb.

Location: Very little know about the whereabouts of the main bastion of the Fists of St. Thomas, the Cathedral of Terra, aside from the exorcists themselves. Those who do are either wiped of their memories of the place after their visit or kept contained in the place until further notice. Though the course of action is dependent on who that person is and what organization he or she is affiliated with.


The Fists of Saint Thomas choose a select handful of young and aspiring warriors and other folk from regions all over Aphellion. They can either be recognized and selected from their local church clergy or by recommendations from exorcists themselves in the area. Once selected, recruits are taken to the Cathedral of Terra to begin their initiation and extensive training which is broken up into a few steps.

The Trials of Laraman: The initiation process is quite extensive due to the Order's implementation of medical surgery and genetic incantations allowing exorcists to evolve into superhuman one-man armies. Recruits are analyzed and put through a cycle of painstakingly agonizing and powerful augmentations. Body parts and functions are enhanced, repaired, or replaced depending on the individual's anatomy. The exact process of it is kept an absolute secret from any outsiders but it is said that only a several of a series of recruits emerge from the process fully functional. This part of the process came to be known as "The Trials of Laraman".

The Oath of Saint Thomas: It goes without saying that this is the most important part of the initiation process to ensure that recruits have exorcist material in them. Those who have passed the Trials of Laraman are then put in a special church session where they are introduced and sworn absolute faith to the hymns and verses documented by Saint Thomas himself. All are expected to know their entire code within 8 hours or less, however just memorizing and swearing to holy rights isn't enough. A ceremony follows the session where officials from the Inquisition are summoned to 'critique' each initiate on their purity and innocence. Those who have signs of corruption within them are taken directly into the Inquisition for questioning and scrutiny. Those who have proven their holy spirit are graciously rewarded with an official rosary and a blessing from the Inquisitor. The Order wants to make absolutely sure that no one within their system betray and defect them. An incident happened 500 years ago where one actually slaughtered his own squad only to leave the scene and never return to the organization again. The Oath of Saint Thomas ensures that it will never happen again.

The Gauntlet: This step is where the real training begins, recruits are automatically given the role and rank of Scout after they have been deemed a fully-fledged exorcist. Scouts are paired up with one experienced exorcist for a very long session of training which ranges from basic combat skills and marksmanship to real exorcisms and public services. The teaching exorcist usually takes the Scout out to a certain region in Aphellion to hone and train in the natural environment. Missions are given to help simulate specific scenarios for Scouts to assess and resolve. Training sessions can range between several months to a decade, should the Scout demonstrate enough feats of courage and honor the teacher may recommend him or her for a promotion. At that point the exorcist's training is complete and is ready to mobilize as an independent hammer of God's and Saint Thomas' will.


The hierarchy of the Order functions not very differently from other military systems, only that exorcists are given the authority to commission local churches or law-enforcement when they are on a mission. The higher the rank is, the more privy the exorcist has to leadership and arsenal. They also have the option of specializing in a specific field of operation allowing them to go extremely tough but highly-advanced training in that area.

Scout - The lowest rank next to initiate, trained to do mostly reconnaissance work and low-end combat. The stakes could get higher depending on the danger of the mission.

Exorcist - The common and most abundant rank, they carry out the bulwark of operations under their higher-ups. Their generalization and all-round prowess gives them the aptitude to counter almost any demon threat.

Templar - Exorcists who have distinguished services beyond expectations. Specialization is granted at this rank.

Captain - Self-explanatory, those who have been with the Order for quite a while are chosen as a beacon of leadership towards other exorcists.

Chaplain - The high veterans; Exorcists who have lived through countless battles and horrid crusades and bested them. They watch over and honor those who have fallen in combat.

Grey Knight - The precursors and most elite veterans of the Fists of Saint Thomas, some had their souls preserved in their armor in order to continue their services. They uphold all that is meant to an exorcist and are able to bring down the most catastrophic demon abominations. But they are only to be called-forth in the direst of times.

Inquisitor - An official of secret Holy Inquisition branch of the Order. Information regarding them is totally classified.


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Some Legends

Moon Children

Ice Maidens

Piere's stories

Piere was a writer and adventurer. He wrote about everything he saw in life and liked to share it with others. Some of his stories about places and creatures are true since people saw them on their travels aswell. Other stories are considered just stories or legends since no one actualy saw anything which was described in them. Piere also liked to write poems and some of them hid messages which others hardly understood if they even found them.
Like this one:

Some used to say
How there are as many emotions
As there are people in this world.
Nature devides them into good and evil.
Guarantee is none that that is true,
Reality differs from theory in some view.
Invisible is the line between them:
Love can become hatered
And hatred can become love.

Some of his stories were un-realistic. But people liked to read them because some of them liked the idea of a mysterious place . . .The idea of something which they would describe as "the ideal place to live at ".

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Heart of Tzeentch

The final Piece to raise the god of chaos and final place of battle. Gari, raised the tower fo all to see, being fair and letting everyone have a chance to stop him. Flying Drake demons fly around the huge fortress and to get to floor to floor is by magic, potrals can be activated if a certain deal is done on each floor, it can be finding a simple item t fighting a huge demon.
Gari awaits at the top with his littlecompanion Loka who he has given certain abilities to help him out and standing on guard are the last two vanguard of the cult. The pic is not 100% only because dark clouds should be around the tower and quicksand should be on the ground.

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