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Posted 8/16/11 , edited 8/16/11

First and foremost if you haven't already, view the pages.
For more information on the creatures click here.
For more information on the humans click here.
For more information on Leta click here.

Now that is settled, here are the rules you MUST follow.
1. No god modding. You do this and you're character loses their powers. (I'll send Leta's god on you to take away your powers for a week.)
2. Be respectful! That means take into consideration the time used to make this group! If you aren't going to roleplay at least three times a week don't apply!
3. Write in complete words. I DON'T want to see any; u's, 4's, idk, or anything of that nature. We aren't texting here.
4. Be descriptive! It makes for a better roleplay and more story telling!
5. Third person! It's confusing if you use I and you for normal writing. Make it so we understand; third person!
6. Quote! It makes for a quicker response time.
7. Hide those quotes in a spoiler. Don't know how? Message me here: ObsessedRemix.
8. Invite your buddies! The more roleplayers the greater the adventure!
9. No one liners. That will drive away roleplay partners. Try to make this interesting!
10. HAVE FUN! No group is complete without that demand :3
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