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Posted 8/16/11 , edited 8/16/11
Here are characters made by people

{[(NOTE: If you make a character, and do not roleplay, you're character go up for sale, and get taken by someone who will roleplay!!!!!)]}

User: vampireznbearzluvr
Character name: Miru Mimi
Gender: Female
Race:(optional) Neko/Vampire
Instrument: voilin
Bio: She has a horrid past, and hates talking bout it. But when it does come up she just says she's an Orphan and walks away. She also has a nine-tail fox as aPet that is named Kawaii (she was little when she names her.) and keeps her close, no matter what
Picture(in spoiler):
Human Form:

Neko Form:

Vampire Form:


User: AnimeAbigail
Character Name: Aimi Yuzuki
Gender: Female
Race: Alien
Instrument: Voice
Bio: Aimi is a lonely princess from another dimension. She was sent to Earth to escape the war in
her dimension. No one knows her secret, and she's very shy. She seems quiet most of the time but
she is extremely passionate. She loves music, singing and dance(and pretty much anything else beautiful) but no one knows this because no one takes the time to notice her.
Picture:(in spoiler)

User: Prince_Neko
Character name: Kaede Hikaru
Gender: Male
Race:(optional) Half Neko
Instrument: Piano
Bio: He lived on his own since he was a little kid. He lives with his grandparents, but he likes being by himself. He's quiet when he's on his own, but he is outgoing and speaks his mind as well. He hates talking about his parents, his past. He prefers it stays kept under lock and key.
Picture(in spoiler):
Human Form

Neko Form but with Red Hair XD

Character name:Narusa
Instrument: voice
Bio: childhood friend of "miru mimi", he had always liked her but cared for her. his own past was blan an boring as her was not
Picture(in spoiler):

User: Blackberrydeath
Character name: Aeon wokou
Gender: Female
Race:(optional) Demon
Instrument: Violin,Ocarina,Voice,plays the piano when no one there
Bio: Parents divorced when she was 9 years old. Lived with her dad and was abused,Ran away from home and she was living with some old peoples till they died. The rest is a secret
Picture(in spoiler):
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