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Posted 8/17/11 , edited 8/18/11
I learned that earlier today, is now open for business. This site deals with official translations of manga. It provides some previews for free, which can be read through a browser in a Flash interface. In order to read chapters and volumes, a person has to pay for content. From what I read, it seems possible to pay a flat fee to read a certain amount of series per month, or to pay for individual chapters and volumes. (If I got that wrong, please say so.)

It's entirely possible that Jmanga could be a successful portal. Fans can view and purchase a decent variety of series, including some unfinished translations, and series which did not previously have professional translations. There's popular comics right alongside obscure comics, and the content ratings range from all-ages to mature audiences. It appears that more series will be rolled out in the near future.

There are some worrying aspects about Jmanga. First, it's currently limited to North America. Second, I don't think people are allowed to download translations. Unless I read wrong, series can only be read online. Therefore, the content can only be accessed while the company exists, and while its website is up and running properly.

Do you believe this service might succeed? Does it need to make major changes? Considering that there's still a fair amount of translated manga available as trade paperbacks, and that some companies are selling digital comics through their own sites and iTunes, how do you believe JManga stacks up?
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Posted 8/18/11 , edited 8/18/11
I have used JManga, and I loved it, especially how they automatically change to the next panel for me to read when I click "Next" or use the arrow keys, and the qualities are fantastic. I do think that JManga could be a successful portal, but It would probably take several years for it to be like that.

My main problem is with the Subscription plan. I'm a little worry about this. Basically you subscribe monthly and use real money to buy Points and you use those Points to buy and/or read manga. I don't think this is a good plan. I'm not saying that it is a bad plan, it's just that the plan is only for those with money and can afford to buy more points. With $10 a month for 1,000 Points, you can probably read up to 5 chapters a month, or buy the whole volume for around 1,000 Points and if you want to read more you have to buy more points.

I don't know about you but I can rip through 5 chapters/ 1 Vol. in like less than 25/30 minutes. And If I don't buy more Points, I would have to wait till next month for another 1000 Points. If I was to spend money on Points, I would probably spend around $300 a month if not more and that's just me (About 1 in every 100 people who read Manga can afford to spend that much every month just reading Manga). Unless you are rich or have a part time job, you can't possibly spend that much in 1 month on Manga alone. Peoples who can't afford to pay, they would most likely go to a different website to read Manga for free with no restriction on how much they can read. And so JManga users will most likely decrease.

I suggested that they revise the subscription plan to allow subscriber to have unlimited access to Manga chapters/volumes for a reasonable amount of money. Like $15 a month and you can read as much as you want. it's a price that many people can pay (including minors). That way they will have many more subscribers and the more subscribers they have the more income they will make.

I'm not an expert in Math but here is a comparison with between their current subscription plan and the suggestion I proposed:

With the subscription they have right now, the ratio is APPROXIMATELY 1:100, meaning that they will get 1 subscriber for every 100 users. And that single subscriber spends around from $100~$400 a month buying Points. Let say right now JManga have 100 subscriber out of 10,000 users (1:100 ratio), and they all average about $250 a month. If 100 people spends $250 a month, that would equals to $25,000 a month, and assuming it goes at a constant rate and no new subscriber, that would equal to $300,000 a year.

With the suggestion that I made they would have more subscriber so the ratio is APPROXIMATELY 50:100, meaning that they will get 50 subscriber for every 100 users. And each subscriber spends an average of $15 a month to have unlimited access to Manga. Let say JManga have 5,000 subscriber out of 10,000 users (50:100 ratio), and they all average about $15 a month. If 5,000 people spends $15 a month, that would equals to $75,000 a month, and assuming it goes at a constant rate and no new subscriber, that would equal to $900,000 a year.

That's a 3 times more efficient.

(If I made some miscalculation in my math please let me know)

Well anyway, that's my only problem. My suggestion is not the best but I think it is better than the subscription plan they currently have.

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