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Are you sick of kpop artists debuting in the jpop industry
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Posted 1/9/13 , edited 1/9/13

RayneChii wrote:

I'd prefer if they spend their time on making new songs instead of translating old songs into Japanese and also having to make a music video of it too =.=. I prefer to listen to the Korean version of the song anyways, so basically all the translating and stuff is a waste of time to me. Plus, what's the need to translate when Kpop is already big in Japan, so that's saying the fans are fine with the songs being in Korean and if Kpop songs start being translated into English, I would still be listening to the Korean version. And obviously, everyone here speaks English and not all of us understands Korean, but we still listen to Kpop, so there's really no need to translate. So you can say that I'm sick of it, though I'm fine if Kpop artists debut in Japan with new songs.

You have to understand that even if people like the original Korean version, they might still like the translated version, or like it even more than the original. I like the English version of SNSD's "The Boys" more than the Korean one, honestly. I also like the Japanese version of 4Minute's "Dreams Come True" rather than the original Korean one. I even has a friend who likes translated Japanese versions of songs rather than the original Korean.
There's also the thing that fans will most likely buy whatever their favorite artist release. Whether you live in Japan, or you're an international fan, if your favorite artist makes a new CD, then you'll want to buy it. And honestly, if an artist you like released a song you like in your language, would you want it? God knows I would. Also, it makes it easier for the Japanese audience to sing along to the song. I remember I was singing to SNSD's "Genie" wt my friend from Japan, and after "I'm genie for you boy" part, I started singing the Korean one, but she started singing the Japanese version. So why not take an already-popular song translate it, and make it even more popular?
Also, it makes a lot of time to make an album, so they release translated singles to stall time in order to finish recording original Japanese songs.

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Posted 1/9/13 , edited 1/10/13
My question is... do the Americans super stars go to Japan and Korea with translated music? Do they go there knowing more than simple greetings in the foreign language? Do they make new songs or albums just for the Korean or Japanese market?

So why would you be upset that Korea is flooding the Japanese market when America does the same exact thing [if anything to a more extreme extent] all over the world?

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Posted 1/10/13 , edited 1/10/13
I understand that they feel like expanding their music scene, but so many groups kind of disappear the moment they "go" over to Japan.. or America..
Im so afraid that my fav groups will go to America and pretty much not come back..
I get it that Japanese fans wants to hear songs that they can understand them selfs and I think it's a good thing that they expand their scene If they didn't then fans outside of Asia would have is much more difficult to see their idols live :)

BUT Wonder girls.. where the f*** are they?! They come back to Korea to promote ONE song every 2 years??!? (maybe not every 2 years but u get the point" and then they run off to America...

I get so happy when I hear about a new groups coming out in say 3 mounts time. . but they after 1year they go of to Japan for activities there.. The only group I've listened to with their Japanese songs are TVfXQ.. I don't like to hear the Japanese cover of Stay, I got a boy or whatever.. I support the artist my buying their CD's and stuff and I love them but I think it's kinda sad... :/

Like every group that was "Korean" in the first place is now "Japanese".. like there are even girls saying stuff like "oh I really like that Japanese group MBLAQ" and I'm like B**** they're NOT Japanese.. they had their debut in Japan 2 years AFTER their debut in Korea.. -.-"

So I think its a good thing that they go more global but at the same time..

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Posted 6/10/13 , edited 6/10/13
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