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Posted 1/17/08 , edited 1/17/08
Hey! this is just something so we can get to know each other!
1~Real Name
3~Favorite anime(s) and anime character(s)
4~anything else you wanna add about yourself?
I'll start...

Ü1~Iya, its pronounced as 'aya'... actually anything will do.
Ü3~too many to mention! maybe for now Aria frm Sister Princess, Haruka frm Mirmo de pon4 and Cagalli frm GS/SD
Ü2~ look at my profile... hehe
i can be really crazy, childish and stubborn!
i like having friends to keep me company (so add me!)
alot of girls in my school tell me they think im popular, but im not! Am i?
i like having bestfriends (most likely to be girls. so be part of my CR-sisters!)
thats all i can think of so buh-bye and add me!
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Posted 1/17/08 , edited 1/17/08
heyYah!!! waazz up! everyone!!!!

the name's star!
my b-date is on june 11
i love all anime! and characters!
its in my profile!
sorry i'm to lazy...XP
Posted 1/17/08 , edited 1/17/08
~Inu yasha [inu yasha, kagome, sango], shugo chara[amu, miki], chobits[chii]Rockin Heaven [all charas^^], Special A[all charas^^], an more....~
~ U can buddy me, i love to make new friends, and pls promise me that u would talk with me x3 a random person xD but im very friendly
Posted 1/18/08 , edited 1/19/08
heyyy everybody!!!

i am Stella!!!
my b day is in june 17
my fav anime is GSD. fav aniume character is lacus and kira and athrun(hottie) rawrrrrr

well i am cute and happy!!!

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Posted 2/20/08 , edited 2/20/08
2~October 7
3~super gals (ran, miyu, and aya), Cardcaptor sakura (sakura), naruto (hinata, sakura, sasuke), kirarin revolution kirari, hiroto), ouran high school host club (haruhi, kaoru, hikaru, and honey-sempai), shugo chara (miki, ran, amu, ikuto, kukei), gakuen alice (natsume, mikan, hotaru), kodocha (sana, akito)
4~anything else you wanna add about yourself? too lazy... look at my profile!!!
Posted 2/21/08 , edited 2/21/08
2~May 14
3~i like most animes and characters =)
4~i would like to make new friends.....come to my profile! =D
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Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/5/08
1~Real Name: Amanda
2~Birthday: July 20
3~Favorite anime(s) and anime character(s): there's a lot so i can;t really say
4~anything else you wanna add about yourself?: i love music, anime, manga, football
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