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Where do you live?

This is the place where you tell us what world you live in. You can pick any of the worlds that have been shown in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles. Depending on what world you choose, your available powers to choose from when you create your character profile will change. If you do not know what each world is like, you can find out more here.

The Worlds

Celes Country
Dream World
Clow Country
Hanshin Republic
Nihon Country
Edonis Country
Outo Country
Fog Country
Idol Country
Jade Country
Shura Country
Shara Country
Piffle World
Yuuko's Shop


Actually, for this step there is no form. Simply write on your forum post, the world you wish to reside in.

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hanshin republic

Accepted~ Move on to step 2 :D
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