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Who are you?

Create your own character profile here. You are only allowed one original character. To have more than one, you must be a mod. Your powers as a character also depend on what world you live in, unless you have given up something to Yuuko the Dimensional Witch to be able to travel through time and space. Remember that you can't do that until after you have started roleplaying. Also, you MUST start of in your home world. The link I put on Step 1 should have told you what each world is like. Use that to choose things like occupation and powers.


1. Anything written in this group must be at a PG 13+ level. If you say anything rude, you will be banned from the group.

2. No killing anyone without their permission.

3. You CAN NOT travel between time and space without giving up something to Yuuko the Dimensional Witch to gain the power. Moderators must do this as well. I am the only one who does not have to unless I wish to do so.

4. Do not post any new topics unless you are a moderator. Even then, please make sure there isn't a similar topic before posting.

5. Do not steal anyone's graphics/photos without asking them first.

6. Your first RP post MUST be made in your home world.

7. You cannot RP as your character until they are approved.

8. Non-original characters are to be played by mods, or people who have been given permission by me. Once given permission you can rp as any of the existing characters in the anime as you want. But you cannot do anything out of their personality or power limit etc. To get this permission, you must be really active and be a well-behaved member. I will then send you an inbox. After receiving this inbox, you may rp as existing characters. Don't try and fake that you have permission, because I will keep a list of people with the permission.

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