Conbravo 2011 Convention Report
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Posted 8/21/11 , edited 8/22/11
Welcome back to con reports by this humble 404s actor! This time our ventures whisked us to Conbravo being held for the first time in the Holiday Inn in Burlington, Ontario. The event occurred July 30-31, 2011. Their site is at

The 404s did 3 shows, a Saturday opening show, the late night show where we thank one of the special guests Doug Walker for coming to participate, and a Sunday closing show. It’s amazing to see the audience grow with us as each show was more packed than the last one! The 404s thank graciously all the fans who keep coming to our shows (sometimes coming just to our shows but then discovering the rest of the fun of the convention) to support us with their laughs, kind comments post show, and even requests for photos and/or autographs. This was the first show for 3 new actors too so they appreciate the support in particular for their first 404s shows at this event. There was a wide range of scenes done for the 3 shows, from fighting omega griffins in ‘Hey you, down there!’ and Olympic wall painting brought to you by the Sports Commentary, to the introduction of new features like “3 Idiots” where actors on a walk had to incorporate everything from time and space merging to disco balls, and Pan Left/Pan Right featuring 4 scenes always being in action but only 1 being seen. Many unicorns (in Weird Newscasters), Kingdom Hearts’ Keyblade suppositories (Informercial), Dead Bodies playing dodgeball and monsters in a dance video (Film & Theatre Styles) were present. It was even educational learning about the Wild West fighting gravity with a Movie Director, how to cook Italian food with the Arms Expert (who is fine after a bit of trouble drinking the fine wine from a bottle), and even watching the drama unfold at a funeral while downing marshmallows to penalize laughter. Oh and for anyone curious, the baby in my belly for yes I, Harry Potter, is coming along just fine after I gave the Press Conference about having Voldemort’s child.

The 404s also participated in other activities on top of their 3 shows on the weekend. Before the first show there was Defend Your Fandom where I got to play both a prosecutor and defence lawyer with about as much knowledge as Phoenix Wright, John Grisham books and Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law gave me. At least I was able to prove the living form of a red shirt Star Trek captain so he could be sentenced to death properly, but I did lose out defending Hidan the religious priest and assassin from Naruto: Shippudden as his scythe simply was defying the laws of physics. Hopefully my former client is still doing fine slicing bread in jail with it. Later on some of the actors were in the Celebrity Geek Squares game, which apparently broke into answering almost every question with “Robocop”, which ACTUALLY was the right answer once in the many questions!

I had a wonderful time at this fan run convention between shows. I know some of the organizers from my busier cosplaying days (I did do a new Switch from SKET Dance cosplay which I used during Defend your Fandom minus the laptop) and it’s such a joy to see them succeed running their own convention they love and do for the future con goers. I had some time aside from shows as always and got to have dinner at the nearby Boston Pizza with an old friend and roommate who have a kid now with another on the way. Babies are such energetic bundles of love so with the ones with one of our actors and my friend’s young child, it was even more of a treat even with many other people present for the meal. As for Boston Pizza it was my first time there and ordering the yam fries as a side to a chicken/Hawaiian/Alfredo sauce pizza I enjoyed the food too and would go back even if it is a bit pricy, but that’s the price for good food.

I had fun cosplaying again. While at times I simply put the lab coat on to be the random anime scientist like Shinra from Durarara (and with Dr. Insano AND Dr. Holocaust there as they met in person as seen at for the ruling of Canada) I did try the new SKET Dance Switch cosplay I mentioned. I didn’t wear the laptop around my neck too often since I wore it to events I needed to be hands and props free like Defend your Fandom, but the rest I kept on. Darn I pick warm cosplays in the summer as that vest was a bit too thick for my generally unstable body that sweats if it’s even a degree hotter than norm! It was still all in good fun and another cosplay to keep for future events to try.

Finally I even got to play some Pokemon again as far as the Collector Card Game (CCG). Two fun 3 game tourneys were held on back to back days and I finished 3-3 with 2 byes so least I got the practice in. I’ve updated the decks again to the ever changing Rotation for Advanced play so maybe more CCG gaming can be had either this year or beyond. I also got into the Settlers of Catan tourney on Sunday but was out round 1. Guess being the lone experienced player (I own the portable version) hurts when everyone comes after you, but it was still a ton of fun milling sheep into resources. It's always fun to play Settlers with new and experienced players since it's such an easy game to pick up!

Here was my list of treasures I obtained this time:
-A hard to find Chi the cat plushie head keychain and a Chi Miniature Figurine from Chi’s Sweet Home
-A new Pokemon TCG starter Red Frenzy, new Umbreon/Espeon card sleeves, some old style Pokemon Energy Gym badges (Steel, Dark, Lightning Fighting and my calling card Psychic), 3 Pokemon Black and White Iron On Pads and a load of Pokemon cards to hopefully replenish my supplies with yet ANOTHER rotation change to only a few sets eligible for any new Pokemon tournaments; I also won after going 1-3 with 2 byes this weekend in 2 tournaments a new Pokemon card box which thankfully isn’t as complicated as IKEA furniture to self-construct
-A bunch of buttons from various artists like a 4 pack of mini buttons with Sailor Venus, X-men’s Emma Frost, Ammy of Okami and Pokemon Gengar, and then a pack of 6 made buttons of Totoro, Konata of Lucky Star, a Moogle, Knives Chau of Scott Pilgrim versus the World, Yoko Littner of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and the Prince of Katamari Damacy.
-A Totoro magnet made by another artist.
-And finally for my desk collection of miniature figurines, I got a nice deal on 6 of them. I got a special Premium Heroines version of Hinata from Naruto in a kimono, Lucky Star’s Miyuki, Guilty Gear’s May, a pyjama wearing Yuki of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, an old school Ukyo from Ranma ½, and Misato from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

As always my 404s Eastside Playlist has the latest videos along with other convention various videos at where you can look up both Eastside 404s video playlists.

For some photos from the shows and more check via this grouped set from the 404s troupe:!/groups/2319599887/photos/

Or go to either of my own online albums which you can find either one at OR right here on this site at under Con Photos.

Again I’d like to thank all the staff who made us feel so welcome and assisted us with everything from equipment to supplies to even some babysitting. I got to meet a few of the guests like Savage Bandito and Doug Walker the Nostalgic Critic so check their profiles and sites out at or elsewhere online as we thank them for coming to the convention as well as being good company between events. Most of all as always the 404s thank you the fans and con-goers who come to be our audience and support, while laughing along the way. We hope to see you at Conbravo 2012 and beyond as well as other events this year which will become con reports too as soon as possible!

And check out as always the 404s at
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