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Once Upon a Vampire Time . . .
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[I'll startttt : D ]

Jerry had just moved to a new location, leaving his whereabouts from his prior residence, unknown. The neighbors were all done and gone, anyway. He moved to Texas, where the heat was intense (but he didn't care, he stayed indoors with his air conditioning), it was about a few moments after sunset that he noticed his new neighbor's, whom were holding a garage sale. He decided to welcome himself.

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21 / Desert Bluffs
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A girl who's long curly brunette hair was tied up in a loose, messy bun, strolled along under the dark, star covered sky. She bobbed her head to music that was blasting in her ears, if you walked next to her you'd hear the music thumping from her white and silver headphones, and the chores kicking on, causing her to break into dance, swaying her hips and shoulders, spinning and stamping her feet, singing along,"Take me by the tongue and I'll Know you, Kiss Me Till your Drunk and I'll show you all the Moves Like Jagger,I've got the Moves Like Jagger,I've got the Moooo~oves Like Jagger~!" when the song ended after the last chores, she took off the head phones, and stared at the sky. "I'm glad that I came here. The sky is amazing in the countryside!"She said to herself, readjusting the guitar case on her back. She had left her art stuff at her new apartment, she was regretting it now, though. She tittered to herself, a 14 year old owning a apartment in Texas when her parents lived in Ohio. Three hours away by plane. She sighed, 'Guess I still have till my lil' brother and parents die to explain my sudden disappearance...' she thinks, shiny, five week old fangs glistening in the moonlight.
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