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Posted 8/23/11 , edited 8/24/11
This collective of individuals who seek self-improvement and actualization seem to know what they are doing. Spoken for by Kevin Trudeau, GIN offers much in the way of education towards a better life. Not just in how you attain money and material possessions, but a wealth of happiness. If you somehow qualified for this organization, go forewarned that your mind can only take in so much information at once. Always question what you read, and remember to find out what it is that you were meant to do in life, though sometimes, life has funny ways of leading you in unexpected directions. GIN is one of those directions.
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Posted 8/24/11 , edited 8/24/11
First of all it sounds too good to be true, as they expect you to pay an upfront fee of 1.5K or 1,500 USD, followed by 150 USD per month to keep your membership or failure to pay, you lose it. To me it sounds like a money making scam, where the average joe gets ripped off and they make money in the process.

There is a word that comes to mind for something similar and is still around, something called "Pyramid scheme".
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