The manga that Michael Vick would read
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Posted 8/26/11
From Ginga Densetsu creator,Yoshihiro Takahashi, comes a unique manga title. Byakuren no Fangu (him going to a Finnish convention in early September is appropriate since the Ginga franchise has been a hit in that part of Europe).
It's WikiPedia article says the story is as follows: "Makoto wants to become a Tosa dog fighting trainer. His sumo Father Rouou gets him a brown puppy, but is it really a Tosa? Makoto finds out in shock that his dog is not a Tosa, but in fact a Siberian Wolf, but decides to make his dog "Zero" a fighting dog. But Makoto does not know that Zero's mother had been killed by Anzai's Yokozuna Tosa "Unryū" right in front of him, and he competes in the showring with the sole intention of getting revenge on Unryū."

While I do see dog fighting is part of Japanese culture, I personally find the sport to be detestable to using man's best friend for entertainment in a brutal way that often is tied to gambling.

I put the UKC breed standard for Japan's largest breed under a spoiler because it a long post

For those curious, Tosa's home city of Kochi is in Hiroshima. While we know Hiroshima was a USA bomb site, many may not know the Mazda car company is headquartered there.'s article on the giant:

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